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Mashiach; Rebbe

These are probably the two most sensitive words for any Lubavitcher today. Each one of us has his or her own way of feeling about the issues, a tact he takes when explaining them to others, and a collection of sources to refer to for clarification.

But these are subjects that we least want to be closed matters. They should never become issues upon which we have taken fixed positions from which we will not budge.

 On the contrary, our connection with the Rebbe must be alive and our desire for Mashiach must be alive. And life is associated with movement and growth.

From Dawn to Daylight serves as a springboard for such inner growth, discussing these issues in farbrengen style, relating unique stories and vignettes, and describing ideas in a heart-to-heart fashion. Instead of dictating a laid out doctrine or set of principles, it inspires the reader to reach his own on the foundation of guidance from our chassidic heritage.

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In Store Item # BSIE73
MSRP $8.00
Author Eliyahu Touger
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 94
ISBN-10 1-8814-0056-5
Publisher Sichos In English
Product Dimensions 6"x9"