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MASHIACH - English



The concept of Mashiach, the anointed redeemer of Israel, and the Messianic era that he will bring about, is central in the teachings of Moses and the Prophets. R. Mosheh ben Maimon (Maimonides) incorporates it as one of the thirteen fundamental principles of the Jewish Faith.

In his code of Jewish Law, Mishneh Torah, he devotes the last two chapters to the legal implications and conceptual considerations of this subject which affect Jewish life and belief.

In numerous other writings, he and the great teachers before and after him explain many more details, so that the Jew, who must await Mashiach, will understand what this article of the faith is all about.

This book compiles, in systematic order, the essential Halachic and conceptual teachings about Mashiach and the Messianic redemption from the Biblical, Talmudic-Midrashic and other authoritative sources.

This important material is thus made accessible in English to the multitudes who want to learn more about this vital part of our heritage but are unable to deal with the original sources.

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Author Jacob Immanuel Schochet
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 110
ISBN-10 1-8814-0000-X
Publisher Sichos In English
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

MASHIACH - English