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Novels & Short Stories

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  1. Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch in the Neighborhood

    Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch in the Neighborhood


    Meet the one-of-a-kind Mrs. Make-a-Mentch...and let the magic begin!

    In the small, charming neighborhood of Clover Park, in an ever-so-slightly lopsided, two-story house, lives Mrs. Make-a-Mentch, a delightful lady with twinkly eyes, round glasses, and a spring in her step.

    Those who are lucky enough to know Mrs. Make-a-Mentch share her special secret. Whether it's Sarale, who has a hard time losing a game; the very loud Sobel children; or slow-moving Benni, Mrs. Make-a-Mentch has unusual ways of fixing all sorts of problems. Her solutions are zany as they are fun (and sometimes delicious, too!), but one thing they all have in common is that they really work!

    So step through the door, and see for yourself why kids just like you flock to this exciting lady's home, and leave even happier than they've come. Meet the one-of-a-kind Mrs. Make-a-Mentch...and let the magic begin! Learn More

  2. The Accident

    The Accident


    “You promise you’ll tell me?” Shulamis asked.
    “Yes, but you’re not going to be happy.” Tova stomped ahead, her eyes
    downcast, watching as her boots crunched against the occasional
    snow pile.
    “Tova, look out!”

    The Achdus Club is back again! Tova has news, but she’s not eager to share it with her sister. Unexpectedly, the close-knit Green twins are driven far apart. Can the Achdus Club help? In this muchanticipated sequel, a determined group of fourth graders plan their most important mission yet. Are you on board?
    Don’t miss The Accident, the third book in award-winning author
    Faygie Holt’s popular Achdus Club series.

    Learn More
  3. Indoor Fishing & Other Fun-to-Read Stories for Beginning Readers

    Indoor Fishing & Other Fun-to-Read Stories for Beginning Readers


    Meet the Green kids!

    In this adorable and innovative book written especially for beginning readers, you'll find yourself part of the adventures of a most entertaining family!

    Indoor Fishing and Other Fun-to-Read Stories for Beginning Readers combines engaging plots, highlighted vocabulary words, and delightful illustrations to create a spectacular reading experience for your child. The perfect way to boost children's literary skills-while sending them fishing for loads of fun! Learn More

  4. The Story of the Baal Shem Tov, Learning From Our Leaders

    The Story of the Baal Shem Tov, Learning From Our Leaders


    Rav Yisrael Baal Shem Tov was a very great tzaddik who lived in Europe a few hundred years ago. He was the founder of Chassidus. The Baal Shem Tov was well-known for his righteousness, holiness, and deep love for every Jew.

    In The Story of the Baal Shem Tov, the first book in a brand new series of biographies for junior readers, you will read all about the life and times of the Baal Shem Tov, as well as some of the miraculous stories told about him. Prepare to be amazed and inspired! Learn More

  5. Meet Madame Chamberlaine

    Meet Madame Chamberlaine


    Meet Madame Chamberlaine and life will never be the same!

    Creepy noises in the attic? Stuck in an elevator with medical clowns? Fell off a sightseeing boat in France?

    OH la la!

    No need to fret, mes petites...Madame Chamberlaine is here! Sisters Shprintzi and Shuly face one hilarious escapade after another. Thankfully the fun and fascinating Madame Chamberlaine—with a sparkle in her eyes, high-heeled steps, and scrumptious homemade pastries—arrives just in time to save the day. Follow along as these spunky sibs and their favorite French woman confront a swarm of angry bees, a houseful of cranky newborns, a gigantic sea monsters, and more.

    Author Tzipie Wolner has fashioned a collection of upbeat and uproarious adventures that will provide hours of reading entertainment. Fans of her wildly popular series in Mishpacha Junior as well as new readers will agree that with Madame Chamberlaine around, life is simply...merveilleux! Learn More

  6. The New Girl, A fun-filled story for younger readers

    The New Girl, A fun-filled story for younger readers


    As the new girl at Bais Naomi, Hili Rosen hopes for a fresh start. She meets the fun-loving Green twins, Tova and Shulamis, and things are looking up — but not for long. The rest of the class isn’t friendly at all! Did Hili make a huge mistake by switching schools?

    Ruthie Somerfield is the undisputed queen of class 4B. The girls all put up with her bossy ways until one day, she makes a mean comment that goes way too far. Things go from bad to worse as the class splits up and girls start choosing sides. Will Hili’s dream of a school where everyone gets along ever come true?

    Award-winning author Faygie Holt presents a lively story about friendship and courage. In The New Girl, you’ll meet a determined group of girls who struggle to stick up for what’s right — even when it’s hard. Learn More

  7. Robot World, A Novel for Teens

    Robot World, A Novel for Teens


    Imagine a world run by robots.

    A world where robots replace humans.

    A world where robots tend to any and all chores.

    A world where humans have forgotten how to do anything on their own.

    Enter the world of the Klein children, who are eagerly awaiting their very first robot in a strictly no-robot house. But something seems to be very wrong with their long-awaited robot – and with Mr. and Mrs. Klein far, far away, it’s up to the kids to figure out how to handle their malfunctioning robot and save the day.

    Join the Kleins on their wild adventure as they pick up lifelong lessons along the way. Take a leap into the future with Robot World– and experience the wacky world of robots like you never have before! Learn More

  8. West of the Nile

    West of the Nile


    Join Yitzy and his father on their desperate quest for a lifesaving medicine--in Mitzrayim, at the time of the Jews' slavery! A historical novel of drama and intrigue for all adventure-loving teens and tweens.

    When Yitzy, an ordinary yeshivah kid from Brooklyn of the 1950’s, is stricken with a high fever and other symptoms, the doctors are stumped as to what the illness can be. Desperate for a cure, Yitzi’s father turns to old Mr. Edelstein, a mysterious European refugee, who tells him that there is a medicine that will cure Yitzy of his illness, but it is hidden somewhere in ancient Egypt. To find it, Yitzi and his father must travel back in time to Mitzrayim at the time of the makkos. They have only eight days to find the lifesaving medicine.

    In Egypt, father and son enter a world of cruel men who will stop at nothing to hunt down their prey—Yitzy and Papa, who are a threat to their power. The two spend a week fleeing a murderous priest, running from a band of ruthless foreign slaves, and narrowly escaping other dangers. Along the way, they befriend an Ivri boy who acts as their guide, and encounter a majestic Nubian, who rescues them from the clutches of would-be killers.

    But as the days pass, the medicine still cannot be found. What will happen to Yitzy and Papa, in this land of the brightest sun…and of the darkest evil?

    Find out in West of the Nile, a novel of drama and intrigue for all adventure-loving teens and tweens! Learn More

  9. Who is Annie White (Fish)

    Who is Annie White (Fish)


    Who is Annie White (Fish)

    In eighth grade, girls are nervous.

    They looked stunned, as if something is chasing them.

    I go home with Ronnie.

    Do I look okay? she asks me.

    And I say: Sure.

    And she says: Do I look okay? I just don’t think I look okay.

    Annie White has come to live with her Aunt Becka, who runs a retreat for artists in the Catskills. After years of traveling the world with her parents and attending schools for foreign students, she finds the girls at her American junior high superficial and boring. When the mailman mistakenly delivers a neighbor’s letter, Becka asks her to bring it to the owner. Annie knocks on the Krystal family’s front door, unaware that her life is about to totally change!

    Esty Krystal and her family open Annie’s eyes to a new world and help her set out on a journey from Sullivan County to Brooklyn to uncover hidden family secrets and discover her true name.

    Award-winning author Judy Belsky has written a stirring and fascinating story, using vivid language that will leave you breathless with its insightfulness and stark sincerity. Reading Who is Annie White (Fish) is a unique experience you won’t want to miss. Learn More

  10. The Adventures of Jeremy Levi

    The Adventures of Jeremy Levi


    The Adventures of Jeremy Levi

    Jeremy Levi didn’t mean to get into trouble. He always tried to do the right thing, both in and out of Kerem HaTorah Yeshivah. It was just that being eleven years old was so complicated. Even his best-sounding ideas never seemed to turn out quite right. It took Jeremy a whole year of adventures to discover some important things about himself and the people he lived with.

    And if you enjoy reading about Jeremy, you’ll love reading about his younger sister, Heddy, in her very own book called Hello Heddy Levi! Learn More

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