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  1. The Accident

    The Accident


    “You promise you’ll tell me?” Shulamis asked.
    “Yes, but you’re not going to be happy.” Tova stomped ahead, her eyes
    downcast, watching as her boots crunched against the occasional
    snow pile.
    “Tova, look out!”

    The Achdus Club is back again! Tova has news, but she’s not eager to share it with her sister. Unexpectedly, the close-knit Green twins are driven far apart. Can the Achdus Club help? In this muchanticipated sequel, a determined group of fourth graders plan their most important mission yet. Are you on board?
    Don’t miss The Accident, the third book in award-winning author
    Faygie Holt’s popular Achdus Club series.

    Learn More
  2. Swords and Scrolls

    Swords and Scrolls


    It's not easy being a teenager in Eretz Yisrael in the days of King Antiochus. Fifteen year old Elisha is curious about the mysteries new building in Yerushalayim, while his newly married cousin, Rivka, is suspicious of the changes that threaten to disturb her peaceful existence. Rumors abound that a large army is on its way.

    Will Rivka have the courage to stand up for her beliefs and will Elisha win the battle raging in his soul? Learn More

  3. Trouble Ahead, A fun-filled story for younger readers

    Trouble Ahead, A fun-filled story for younger readers


    Here comes trouble…

    Tova and Shulamis Green are back! Following their super Achdus Club party that brought class 4B together again, the two sisters and their friends are planning the club’s first-ever chesed project. Elderly Mrs. Golding would love the company—so what could possibly go wrong?

    Ruthie Somerfield has been acting weird and coming late to school. Her family’s problem is wearing her down, but she won’t share what’s really going on. Can a monster storm force Ruthie to forget her fears and do what’s right?

    In Trouble Ahead, sequel to award-winning author Faygie Holt’s popular The New Girl, the Achdus Club discovers that every friendship has its ups and downs. Join the class of 4B as they struggle to stick together no matter what trouble lies ahead. Learn More

  4. West of the Nile

    West of the Nile


    Join Yitzy and his father on their desperate quest for a lifesaving medicine--in Mitzrayim, at the time of the Jews' slavery! A historical novel of drama and intrigue for all adventure-loving teens and tweens.

    When Yitzy, an ordinary yeshivah kid from Brooklyn of the 1950’s, is stricken with a high fever and other symptoms, the doctors are stumped as to what the illness can be. Desperate for a cure, Yitzi’s father turns to old Mr. Edelstein, a mysterious European refugee, who tells him that there is a medicine that will cure Yitzy of his illness, but it is hidden somewhere in ancient Egypt. To find it, Yitzi and his father must travel back in time to Mitzrayim at the time of the makkos. They have only eight days to find the lifesaving medicine.

    In Egypt, father and son enter a world of cruel men who will stop at nothing to hunt down their prey—Yitzy and Papa, who are a threat to their power. The two spend a week fleeing a murderous priest, running from a band of ruthless foreign slaves, and narrowly escaping other dangers. Along the way, they befriend an Ivri boy who acts as their guide, and encounter a majestic Nubian, who rescues them from the clutches of would-be killers.

    But as the days pass, the medicine still cannot be found. What will happen to Yitzy and Papa, in this land of the brightest sun…and of the darkest evil?

    Find out in West of the Nile, a novel of drama and intrigue for all adventure-loving teens and tweens! Learn More

  5. Broken Promises

    Broken Promises


    Promises, like hearts, can be broken.

    And then someone has to pick up the pieces…

    Libby Lazewnik, one of Jewish publishing's most beloved and gifted Jewish novelists, brings us a gripping and multi-layered story of promises made and broken, and of people facing challenges, often with grace and courage, sometimes — with denial and failure.

    It seemed like such a great idea, proposing a shidduch between Yitzy Holstein and Tzivia Morris. Two prominent families in their small town, two really nice kids who immediately liked each other, two fine young people ready to begin building their very own beautiful Torah home…

    Then came a sick child. A doctor’s visit. Meningitis. A lawsuit.

    And these two fine families must deal with crisis, betrayal, self-awareness, and broken hearts.

    Broken Promises offers us a strong and unusual story, told in the voices and through the eyes of many different characters. Originally serialized in The Voice of Lakewood, this is a riveting page-turner of a novel, entertaining, engaging and totally absorbing. Learn More

  6. Who is Annie White (Fish)

    Who is Annie White (Fish)


    Who is Annie White (Fish)

    In eighth grade, girls are nervous.

    They looked stunned, as if something is chasing them.

    I go home with Ronnie.

    Do I look okay? she asks me.

    And I say: Sure.

    And she says: Do I look okay? I just don’t think I look okay.

    Annie White has come to live with her Aunt Becka, who runs a retreat for artists in the Catskills. After years of traveling the world with her parents and attending schools for foreign students, she finds the girls at her American junior high superficial and boring. When the mailman mistakenly delivers a neighbor’s letter, Becka asks her to bring it to the owner. Annie knocks on the Krystal family’s front door, unaware that her life is about to totally change!

    Esty Krystal and her family open Annie’s eyes to a new world and help her set out on a journey from Sullivan County to Brooklyn to uncover hidden family secrets and discover her true name.

    Award-winning author Judy Belsky has written a stirring and fascinating story, using vivid language that will leave you breathless with its insightfulness and stark sincerity. Reading Who is Annie White (Fish) is a unique experience you won’t want to miss. Learn More

  7. The Ruby Spy Ring

    The Ruby Spy Ring


    An Ezra Melamed Mystery Learn More
  8. The Disappearing Dowry

    The Disappearing Dowry


    An Ezra Melamed Mystery Learn More
  9. All Eyes on Mindy Eisen

    All Eyes on Mindy Eisen


    All Eyes on Mindy Eisen

    Mindy Eisen has the perfect life -her wealthy parents don't deny her anything, plus she's just been chosen as color war captain. But suddenly a series of troubling events rock Mindy's world and disturbing questions crop up overnight. How will she sleep after their palatial house is broken into? What happened to her team's color war money? And how will she adjust to the devastating news she overheard her parents discussing one night? Masterfully written, this novel is a perfect choice for young readers--an exciting combination of mystery, suspense, humor, a realistic plot, and true-to-life characters. Learn More

  10. The Lost Legacy - Novel

    The Lost Legacy - Novel


    The Lost Legacy - Novel

    All seems peaceful in the Jewish community of Gunther. But beneath the small town's mask of tranquility lie many secrets...

    A fifty-year-old secret that can destroy the local school's long-held dream...

    The newlywed wife's secret that she doesn't dare share even with those who love her most...

    The teacher's secret that she fears will break her family's heart...

    Libby Lazewnik, who pioneered the genre of Jewish novels for adults, once again displays her talent for creating engaging, vivid and realistic characters whose personalities and challenges resonate so strongly in our own lives. The Lost Legacy is a novel that inspires, entertains and, yes, also transforms us - a book to pick up and not put down until the last beautifully-crafted page. Learn More

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