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Novels & Short Stories

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  1. Stardust, More true stories of people who light up our world

    Stardust, More true stories of people who light up our world


    • Four years, against immeasurable odds, he'd worked for this moment. Now he had to choose between his future- and his Torah life
    • Could anyone save this crumbling marriage? The Rebbe had a way...
    • Their grandfathers had hated each other. Now she needed their family's chesed. Could old grudges be forgotten?

    From where we stand, a star seems to be just a tiny pinpoint of light. But if we could get closer, we'd be dazzled by its brilliance.

    In her true stories, C.B. Weinfeld gets closer to the light the light inside of every one of us. Mrs. Weinfeld has a marvelous talent for finding stories about unexpected greatness. Where others see a shabby old lady and her shy granddaughter, she sees a strong and generous personality in the making. An old copper box decorated with pretty engravings holds more than aromatic snuff - it contains a man's desperate desire to succeed, and his even more powerful wish to keep his father happy.

    These stories , which originally appeared in Yated Neeman and Ami Magazine, leave us amazed. Sometimes they bring a tear to our eye, sometimes they make us laugh - but always, always, they strengthen our belief in others, and in our own potential for greatness. Learn More

  2. Never Knew You, A Novel

    Never Knew You, A Novel


    A spellbinding novel

    Can you imagine growing up with the knowledge that you once had a sister who disappeared? Kaley Rosen matures to adulthood in the shadow of that dark past.

    Can you imagine knowing you were adopted but having no interest in finding out about the biological family who gave you away? Adele Green lived with these feelings all her life, until her parents die in a car crash, leaving her almost alone in the world.

    A tangled web of events follows the two young women as they traverse myriad emotions and thousands of miles to the climactic ending. Which is really just the beginning ... Learn More

  3. Mimi's Big Year

    Mimi's Big Year


    Mimi is back for her best year ever!

    A big year of bas mitzvahs ahead ...
    A school in crisis ... 
    And Mimi is feeling lost ...

    When her school announces its big chessed project for the year, Mimi has no idea what she's going to do. She's super-shy and can't see herself doing any of the things other girls are doing.

    But then Mimi's mother offers her the chance of a lifetime, and her year begins to turn around ... Learn More

  4. Wanted, A Novel

    Wanted, A Novel


    A chain of bizarre occurrences unfolds, one after the other: Someone attempts a terrorist attack at the British Museum, but he’s the only one injured. An interrogation reveals that the explosion is a cover-up for a daring burglary and that one of the most valuable pieces of artwork at the museum, Durer’s Rhinoceros, has been stolen. A further investigation, however, shows that the burglary has no connection to the act of terror and other strange things are revealed instead.

    A parking lot attendant at the museum is found knocked out and locked up in a bathroom stall. Radio transmitters are found inside of garbage cans, and there’s a driver who’s been shot at with rubber bullets in the parking lot. There are a lot of loose ends and none of it comes together so the British police force reach a dead end with the investigation.

    And then the strangest event takes place a month later: the terrorist and burglar, both incarcerated in the same prison, pull off a brilliant escape operation. Things proceed at a dizzying pace from that time onward, as everyone involved in the saga races to bring it to a satisfying windup.

    Who’s fighting against whom?

    Who will be the first in the race against the life of Yassir Abu Rajal, wanted terrorist? Will the Mossad succeed at its mission to liquidate the terrorist or will the sophisticated burglar, Jack Novak, get ahead of them and smuggle him across the border?

    And what role does mafia leader DeCarlo play in all of this?

    Action, never-ending suspense, and a struggle between forces all combine in this thrilling new novel by Yonah Sapir. Like Friendly Fire, its predecessor, Wanted will have you gasping in shock until its incredible conclusion. Learn More

  5. Face Value, A Novel

    Face Value, A Novel


    Malkie, former older single with an ambitious design career and padded bank account, turned struggling first-time mom.

    Fraidy, her best friend, mother of six—and inspiring limudei kodesh teacher who dreads checking her mailbox.

    For years, Fraidy and Malkie have known just which paths lead to their goals—until those paths start leading them astray. Lives start unraveling. Values are tested; close ties are strained and spurned as Malkie and Fraidy navigate challenges that shake them and their families—and their friendship—to the core.

    Ahuva Parnes is also the author of The Single Files, a true diary of her journey through the tumultuous world of shidduchim. Learn More

  6. F Is for Friendship, A fun-filled story for younger readers

    F Is for Friendship, A fun-filled story for younger readers


    The power’s out, and the chocolate mousse cups are melting—all two hundred of them! Can Adina and Penina save them before it’s too late? A classmate has been secretly taking over Adina’s daily task—and Adina is fuming! Who is it, and why is she doing this? A sudden downpour traps Penina and her friends on a dark and scary trail. Will they be rescued in time?

    Adina Fried is crazy about the color pink, dreads math, and adores chocolate in any shape or form. When her best friend moves away, Adina thinks she’ll be friendless forever. But then she meets sweet, creative Penina Teller, and the adventures begin! Follow along as these fourth graders create a secret club, build a chocolate diorama, plan a fund-raiser carnival, and more. Fans of talented author Ruchama Schnaidman’s enjoyable series in Mishpacha Junior, as well as new readers, will love the ups and downs of the popular pair that sticks together no matter what. Because F is for Friendship...and fun! Learn More

  7. It's a Learning Curve, A Novel

    It's a Learning Curve, A Novel


    An engaging tale of insecurities and doubt, inner wisdom and courage.

    Aviva Heyman, powerhouse speech therapist and balabusta extraordinaire, opens the therapy center of her dreams and the challenges never stop—disgruntled clients, sticky lawsuits, and flaky employees—not to mention Aviva’s own medical crisis. Will Aviva survive the stress while keeping her perfect image intact?

    Quiet, dependable Suri Taub leaves her humdrum Board of Ed job to join a new business venture. She encounters a slew of problems—including the big-name client threatening to sue the clinic and close it down.

    Since marrying into the prominent Jeren family, Yael has been part of her community’s elite, yet she feels inferior and unfulfilled. Yael’s drastic decision unwittingly hurts those closest to her, yet leaves her strangely satisfied.

    In It's a Learning Curve, popular Mishpacha writer Gila Arnold weaves an engaging tale of insecurities and doubt, of inner wisdom and courage. This engrossing story will keep you riveted as Aviva, Suri, and Yael tackle life’s learning curves. Learn More

  8. Trailblazer, An exciting historical novel

    Trailblazer, An exciting historical novel


    An exciting historical novel of shifting fates and fortunes.

    After discovering her uncle’s devious plan, fifteen-year-old Raizel Golden is forced to leave her loving family in civilized Boston and flee to her relatives in the rugged Colorado Territory. On the run with only a colorful carpetbag holding precious letters and simple art supplies, Raizel joins a wagon train of American settlers trekking out west. She crosses rivers and mountains, and faces buffalo hunts, hostile Indians, and miles and miles of prairie land.

    Will Raizel’s emunah and determination be strong enough for her to forge ahead—despite the threat to her Yiddishkeit?

    Trailblazer is an exciting historical novel filled with shifting fates and fortunes. Popular author Sukey Gross takes readers on a fascinating journey through America during the height of its pioneer days. Join Raizel as she blazes a trail through the western frontier—into the unknown. Learn More

  9. The Promised Child

    The Promised Child


    Thirty-five years ago, Avner Gold's The Promised Child burst onto the Jewish literary scene and became an instant classic, a beloved favorite of young readers and adults alike. It was translated into Hebrew, Spanish, French and Russian, and it established itself as a standard on the preferred reading lists of parents and educators. The book has been out of print for many years, and now, Avner Gold has rewritten it for this new edition. It is twice as long as the original, and more than twice as good.

    The new story begins in 1592 when Rav Shloime Strasbourg is taking his son Mendel for his bar-mitzvah to the Maharal of Prague. While traveling through a snowy forest, they find a wounded cavalry captain half-frozen to death. The dramatic rescue sets into motion a chain of events that leads to vengeance, arson, betrayal, abduction and heartbreak. Mendel grows up to be a prominent rabbi in the Polish city of Pulichev, but he and his wife live in the gloomy shadow of the tragedy that has befallen them.

    The book reaches its breathtaking climax when the rabbi of Krakow is challenged to debate the Bishop of Lubianewicz in a highly-publicized spectacle. Should he lose, the Jewish community will be expelled. Rav Mendel Strasbourg is invited to defend the Jewish position. The prospects of success seem bleak. But a combination of many threads from the painful past results in a stunning turnaround and the ultimate deliverance of the Jewish community from its enemies.

    The Promised Child is rich in Torah values and historical background, offering glimpses of the Maharal, the Maharsha, the Tosefos Yom Tov and the conditions of Jewish life in Poland in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It is a book that enriches even as it entertains. Learn More

  10. Silver and Gold, A Novel

    Silver and Gold, A Novel


    Two girls. Two backgrounds. One amazing year. Adina Silvermintz has friends. Lots of them. Girls who share her values and memories. Girls she loves being with and who love being with her. Problem is – all those friends live in a small Pennsylvania town. In a town that Adina called home, until her father got a new job, and she was forced to move to New York. Sheva Goldman also has friends. Lots of them. But as she begins eleventh grade and gets to know Adina better, her old friendships seem to be changing. Or maybe it’s Sheva herself who’s changing? Silver and Gold , which was originally serialized in Mishpacha Magazine, is one of those rare books that are fun to read, and even more fun to think about. Powerful, relatable, and so, so true, this is a book about empathy. About when to keep secrets (and when not to). About growing up. And, most of all, about the occasionally confusing, sometimes complicated, but always magical power of friendship. Learn More

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