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Novels & Short Stories

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  1. Stories That Strengthen Your Heart

    Stories That Strengthen Your Heart


    Here's what everyone needs at some time in their life: 
    Hope. Validation. Encouragement.
    And strength. So much strength! 
    That's what you'll find in these stories...

    • The doctor had a beautiful family, great job, huge income -- and yet it was his totally paralyzed ALS patient who gave him strength to go on
    • The rabbi was determined to strengthen the spirits of an imprisoned Jew -- and not even a federal prison guard could stop him
    • She was lying in a coma -- and yet her teacher's words reached through the darkness and gave her the strength to survive

    Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky knows how to find a great story, and how to tell a great story. Just ask any of the thousands of readers who eagerly await his marvelous collections of true stories. In Stories That Strengthen Your Heart, we will hear about how a little boy's prayers and simple trust saved his "miracle" baby brother, and how a stranded air passenger listens to Hashem's "message" and gets the flight, and the faith, he was missing. In a hospital room and on a boardwalk in Florida; from a monastery in the Far East to a professional basketball court – here are more than 50 stories to inspire us, entertain us - and give us strength when we need it! Learn More

  2. The Year of the Sword

    The Year of the Sword


    The revised and expanded edition of Avner Gold's The Year of the Sword opens in 1648 with the happy occasion of Rav Shloime Strasbourg's marriage to Brachah Surkis, to the delight of his parents who never thought they would live to see this day. Several months later, Rav Shloime travels with Aharon, his ten-year-old stepson, and his friend Elisha Ringel to a family wedding in Nemirov, Ukraine.

    In middle of the festivities, the count informs the Jewish community that the Cossacks have revolted and are fast approaching, and he offers them sanctuary in the castle. The people run to the supposed safety of the castle, the bride still in her wedding dress, but the Cossacks gain entry through trickery. The trapped people heroically choose martyrdom, and the scenes that ensue are horrendous.

    Rav Shloime, Aharon and Elisha escape Nemirov through Elisha;s resourcefulness, but danger pursues them. Rav Shloime and Aharon become separated from Elisha during the attack on Polnoye, and only Rav Shloime's quick thinking saves them from certain death.

    The Year of the Sword depicts the early stages of the tragedy that befell the Jewish people during the years 1648-1649, known to Jewish history as "Tach v'Tat", when a large portion of European Jewry perished at the hands of the Cossacks and their Tatar allies. It vividly portrays Bogdan Chmielnicki, the Cossack hetman, and Tugay Bey, the Tatar general. We behold the faith and courage of Rav Yechiel Michel Katz of Nemirov and Rav Shimshon Ostropolier of Polnoye as they inspire their followers to sanctify the Name. And we witness Rav Yom Tov Lipmann Heller, the Tosefos Yom Tov, the illustrious rabbi of Krakow, struggle with the plight of the women whose husbands disappeared in the war.

    The Year of the Sword is historical fiction at its finest. Learn More

  3. Thinking of You, True Stories of Kindness, Sensitivity, & Devotion

    Thinking of You, True Stories of Kindness, Sensitivity, & Devotion


    THINKING OF YOU. Three simple words. Simple, but powerful. Rich with the potential to change mini-worlds. Charged with the ability to affect unimaginable results. Bursting with the capacity to shape another person's moment or day... or even the rest of his life.

    THINKING OF YOU. One book. Over one hundred true stories. Of those who needed someone to reach out to them. Of people who welcomed opportunity. Of individuals who stood up to the test.

    THINKING OF YOU. One concept. Over one hundred variations. Tune in to the thought processes. Connect with the emotions. Soar with wings of compassion.


    This book will inspire many to become more selfless and is a contribution to ingraining in ourselves the primary principle of the Torah, "Love your fellow as yourself."

    Harav Aharon Feldman Rosh Yeshiva, Ner Israel Rabbinical College Learn More

  4. The Exchange, A lively, funny, poignant tale of life in Jerusalem

    The Exchange, A lively, funny, poignant tale of life in Jerusalem


    When Yerushalmi book store owner Amram Shapira goes collecting in America for both his son and daughter's weddings he ends up with way more than he bargained for. Sam Holtzman, generous gvir and conscientious father, makes Amram an offer he can't refuse.
    Join the Shapiras and Holtzmans as they attempt to make the best of the unique "exchange" that has been made between their families.
    Will Suri Holtzman be able to adjust to her new circumstances and live up to her father's expectations despite his concern for her safety?
    Will Amram be able to hold out with this major interruption for the entire year?
    How does Amram's rebbe, Reb Mottel, astonish everyone with his last will and testament?
    Why is Amram's chavrusa, Meir Rosenfeld, hiding out at his grandparents' home in Tzefat?
    And why, why, why did Amram agree to this arrangement in the first place?
    Find out the answers in this lively, funny, poignant tale of life in Jerusalem.
    The latest novel for women by Miriam Luxenberg, author of Victory GardenField of DreamsCode Blue, and many other popular titles. Learn More
  5. Beyond Hope, A Novel

    Beyond Hope, A Novel


    A compelling novel that will give you not only hope, but simple tools for a better life.

    In 1920's France, 16-year old Gitty loses herself in a secular book given to her by a friend and forgets her mother's instructions to watch her three year old brother, Moishy. When Moishy disappears as the result of his sister's negligence, it sets off a chain reaction that travels through three generations.

    And in modern-day Israel, Tova, a pastry chef whose husband is in a coma, begins teaching a professional baking course to buy time for her dreams — and step back from her daughter Naomi and their enmeshed relationship.

    Does a tainted, guilty past mean an eternally guilty future for Gitty?

    Will dangerously blurred boundaries spell the end of Tova's and Naomi's once healthy relationship?

    Is there a way out? Is there any hope?

    Beyond Hope, by popular novelist and therapist Atara Hefetz, explores the crucial strengths and devastating weaknesses we all possess.

    It is a compelling drama that will give you not only hope, but simple tools for a better life. Learn More

  6. Upon the Wings of an Eagle, A Novel

    Upon the Wings of an Eagle, A Novel


    A bright full moon appeared in the dark sky. Then suddenly they heard a noise. Someone was coming. “Hurry, don’t make a sound. We must hide behind those trees,” said Faigel. She held Shaindel tightly, whispering, “You must be quiet, shhh…”They held their breath while they listened to footsteps approaching. They heard some whispering. Did the Cossacks know they were hiding there? Shaindel was trembling with fear, and Faigel held her tighter still. She covered the girl’s mouth with her hand. ? Asudden attack by ruthless Cossacks leaves the village of Krevietsky in shambles. Dedicated wife and mother Faigel Friedman, heartbroken and alone, must build her life anew. With emunah and determination, she makes one difficult decision after another—cutting ties with those closest to her, choosing between two children—forging on despite her pain. Will Faigel’s new life fill the lingering emptiness in her heart? In this compelling tale, talented author Chaya Diane Hager takes readers on a fascinating journey spanning cultures and continents—from a close-knit Russian shtetl and frigid Siberian labor camp to the pushcarts and packed streets of New York’s Lower East Side; from the horse-drawn carriages of Buenos Aires and vast green plains of the Pampas to fledgling Eretz Yisrael under Turkish and British rule. Join Faigel on her search for redemption, upon the wings of an eagle, soaring higher than ever before. Learn More
  7. The Glittering World of Chessed, Stories, insights & guidance on sensitivity & concern

    The Glittering World of Chessed, Stories, insights & guidance on sensitivity & concern


    Total Chessed...

    • With KGB spies all around him, a man gives up his own tefilin so a Soviet Jew can have the mitzvah: A sparkling gem of chessed
    • A broken couple finds comfort in the warmth and music of one of the Torah world's most popular singers: A brilliant jewel of chessed
    • His friend couldn't afford vacation this year, so Shimon quietly paid the costs, never dreaming that his act of kindness would save his son's life: A golden moment of chessed
    • From chavrusas for the homebound to shoes for the poor; from soup kitchens to "tantzers" (dancers) entertaining sick children to help with mental health issues: A glittering collection of chessed organizations started by "people like us."

    Rabbi Paysach Krohn, the globe-trotting "American Maggid," has given us so much wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement in his bestselling books. He now shares with us stories of individuals and organizations that see a need -- and step up to fill it. The Glittering World of Chessed also offers us practical advice on how each of us can amp up our own chessed - whether we are hosting guests, visiting the sick, dealing with "simchah overload" or simply listening to a friend who needs a little comfort.

    Chessed is the gem that adorns every Jew, a gem that is found, not in a locked vault or jewel case, but in our hearts and deeds. This book will inspire us, and also guide us, in polishing our own jewels of chessed to a brilliant and beautiful shine. Learn More

  8. My Name is Isaiah, A Novel

    My Name is Isaiah, A Novel


    My heart pounded in time with my horse's hoofbeats, my cloak whipping behind me. I prayed the darkness would conceal us from our pursuers. But in the distance, I heard the unmistakable sound of thundering hooves. Soldiers. "I told you, you would get us all killed!" I shouted to my brother, not breaking stride as we galloped through the dark streets of Alfama. Racing for our lives.

    My name is Isaiah JOHANNE DE SABATO, son of a wealthy Portuguese nobleman, celebrates his eighteenth birthday amidst luxury and entitlement. He dreams of gaining riches and high position in the king's court, just like his father. His younger brother, Osvaldo, who's been a thorn in his side ever since he can remember, mocks his aspirations and demeans his pursuits.

    Johanne is determined to rise in the ranks of nobility, maintaining a close relationship with the crown prince and reaching for opportunity high in the court. He is driven to prove himself as the better son. But life takes a turn.

    At the end of his birthday celebration, Johanne's parents reveal a staggering secret- they are crypto-Jews!

    Johanne fiercely rejects his Jewish heritage, afraid it will destroy his life's plan. But his close relationship with the crown prince propels him to investigate a handful of men suspected of secret religious practices. Despite his determination to maintain his distance, he becomes entangled with his fellow Jews, causing his world to change in ways he could never have imagined.

    History comes alive in this thrilling cloak-and-dagger adventure set in the age of the Portuguese Inquisition. Learn More

  9. The Miracle Worker, Stories about R' Amram Ben Diwan

    The Miracle Worker, Stories about R' Amram Ben Diwan


    Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan was one of the greatest, as well as most intriguing, Torah personalities of his generation. A leading scholar and miracle worker who lived during the 1700s, he was from Jerusalem but passed away and was buried in Morocco. He was proficient in every aspect of Torah literature, including Halachah, Talmud, and particularly Kabbalah.

    The Miracle Worker: Stories about the Tzaddik Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan, written by Rabbi Meir Elazar Attia and restructured and edited by noted author Yehuda Azoulay, will provide readers with a penetrating glimpse into this holy man. Learn who Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan was, and about the incredible miracles wrought through him. Learn More

  10. Break Through, A Novel

    Break Through, A Novel


    Benny Neiman is just an ordinary kid trying desperately to live an ordinary life...except that his life is anything BUT ordinary! Instead of being a rebbi or a teacher like his friends' fathers, Benny's father is an internationally famous chef with a successful catering business. And Benny doesn't know exactly what his mother does...because it's such a closely guarded secret. And then there's that mysterious vault in his house he's never even seen the inside of. If that's not enough, one day Benny and his sister Tzippy come home to find that life as they've known it has been totally turned upside down and inside out. Things are going from bad to worse! What next?

    A sudden plane trip, espionage, and unnerving strangers throw Benny and Tzippy straight into the heart of the action - exactly where Benny does not want to be. Will Benny' dream of a "normal" family ever happen?

    In Breakthrough!, author Tovy Mann takes her readers on a wild journey that spans St. Louis, Bnei Brak, and Tehran, with the most unexpected plot twists along the way. Can siblings Benny and Tzippy manage their turbulent emotions amid the suspense? Will Yehudis, their mother, be all right? And will Zagreb and Yuri's dangerous mission succeed...before time runs out?

    Find out together with the Neiman family in Breakthrough! Learn More

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