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Novels & Short Stories

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  1. The Accident

    The Accident


    “You promise you’ll tell me?” Shulamis asked.
    “Yes, but you’re not going to be happy.” Tova stomped ahead, her eyes
    downcast, watching as her boots crunched against the occasional
    snow pile.
    “Tova, look out!”

    The Achdus Club is back again! Tova has news, but she’s not eager to share it with her sister. Unexpectedly, the close-knit Green twins are driven far apart. Can the Achdus Club help? In this muchanticipated sequel, a determined group of fourth graders plan their most important mission yet. Are you on board?
    Don’t miss The Accident, the third book in award-winning author
    Faygie Holt’s popular Achdus Club series.

    Learn More
  2. Surprise, & Other Stories

    Surprise, & Other Stories


    Temima was fun, popular, and smart. When did she become the class nothing, the laughingstock? She shuts down and dreams her life away—until a sudden close call changes everything.

    Mazel tov! Yoel Kutner won a million-dollar sweepstakes, and he’s eager to share his newfound wealth—in the most unlikely ways. Will his fantasies of owning a personal yacht, Lego Lair, and helipad really come true?

    Rachel stands out in the lunchroom with her homemade soup and crustless sandwiches. When her algebra mark reaches an all-time low, can she gather the courage to set things straight?

    In this dazzling collection by popular Ami writer Dina Neuman, teens deal with pesky siblings and well-meaning parents, annoying group projects and fickle friends. These powerful stories will leave you totally inspired and entertained. Surprised? Learn More

  3. Beyond the Prism #2

    Beyond the Prism #2


    A dazzling collection of illuminating stories Learn More
  4. Beneath the Surface

    Beneath the Surface


    With keen understanding and an incisive look at one of today’s most relevant challenges, Sara Weiderblank weaves together a tapestry of real-life characters who discover that there is much more to life Beneath the Surface.

    A highly respected high school teacher, Chava Morgan has always prided herself on her deep-rooted ideals and firm sense of direction in life. When her longtime principal retires, she finds herself strangely at odds with the young new principal and her newfangled chinuch ideas. As the school year progresses, Chava is forced to confront deeply hidden parts of her personality as she encounters challenges in every facet of her life.

    Her daughter, Shula Rabinowitz, a successful businesswoman, is her opposite in many ways. Shula's world, too, is shaken up when a brash competitor uses nefarious tactics to gain the upper hand. An attempt at reconciliation blows up in her face, threatening all she has built up.

    With keen understanding and an incisive look at one of today's most relevant challenges, Sara Weiderblank weaves together a tapestry of real-life characters who discover that there is much more to life Beneath the Surface. Learn More

  5. The Girl Who Escaped The Convent, The Comic!

    The Girl Who Escaped The Convent, The Comic!


    Dear Children,

    Join us on an exciting journey in the footsteps of The Girl Who Escaped from the Convent… Together we’ll uncover the intriguing plot, join the rescue attempts, become partners in her escape, and of course, rejoice at the happy ending.

    It will be a journey of suspense, humor, and adventure, and at the same time, a story of emunah and bitachon in Hashem, Who controls everything!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Let’s go…

    First of an exciting new series of comics for children and teens based on the suspense novels of Shmuel Argaman, the bestselling author from Eretz Yisrael. Learn More

  6. Right in Front of Me, True Stories Seen By Kids Like You

    Right in Front of Me, True Stories Seen By Kids Like You


    Step into this collection of fascinating, inspiring, real-life stories. Peak into the lives of the children who have shared their stories, and watch how it adds joy and wisdom to the story you are living right now! Hi Kids!

    My name is Michoel and my story is called "Four Sparkling Diamonds.” My story, like all of the stories in this book, is true. I sent it to Kobi Levi, the popular author, speaker, and journalist, for him to share with the world. I am certain that the publication of my story will affect others and maybe even help them change. Hello. My name is Eliyahu. I’m the son of Chocolate Aryeh and Shula the Cash Counter and my story is called "The Invisible Gardener.” I was so sad when I saw the man standing at the pay phone near my father’s story, making call after call and getting rejection after rejection. Why won’t anyone hire this poor gardener? I wondered. And if no one offers him a job, that’s very bad news, or is it? I’m Binyamin, age eleven, and my story is called "A Captain Doesn’t Cry.” I’m the third of six children and, to put it simply, the black sheep of the family. I was always different, had trouble learning, and was always causing my parents grief by fighting with my siblings. They were thinking of sending me away to school, just to separate me from everyone, until two big changes shook our family… Right in Front of Me – another exciting read from Kobi Levi! Learn More

  7. Field of Dreams

    Field of Dreams


    Alone in Nazi Europe, after their mother is dragged away and their father's whereabouts remain unknown, three young Jewish brothers are left to navigate an upside-down world.

    Weathering strange encounters, from greedy French black marketeers, to crusty, yet good-hearted Jewish partisans, twelve-year-old Kalonymus Sperling is forced to take the lead. What's it like to become your brothers' parent and protector, when you're still a child yourself?

    Twins Berl and Fisch Rosenfeld desperately want to help the boys escape from Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark, but at this rate, the twins may not make it out alive either!

    Can this motley collection of brothers possibly survive? And will anything be left of them if they do? Is it even possible to find happiness, once you've lost it all?

    Compelling, true-to-life characters, a twisting plot, and a sparkle of wise, well-placed humor all come together to make Miriam Luxenberg's latest novel a riveting read.

    Don't miss Victory Garden, the captivating prequel that reveals the fascinating history of these colorful characters. Learn More

  8. Captive Audience

    Captive Audience


    Stories that speak to us. Stories that are us!

    Captive Audience is a collection of fictional stories. Which means that the stories are not true. Except that they are. Kind of.

    Dov Haller knows people. He knows how they feel, how they think. And if his characters and their situations – entertaining, engaging, absorbing situations - are not taken from real life, the issues and the emotions that he writes about certainly are. There is truth here, in every beautifully written story, as the author examines the complexities of our world, and of our hearts.

    Here is so much of what our lives are made of: shidduchim and divorces and making a living and nice people and confused people and laughter and tears, and even a politician or two. We meet a badchan singing at the wedding of his son, whom he hadn't seen since his divorce two decades before. We encounter an elderly chassid forced to make an impossible choice, a businessman learning the secret of his success, a zaidy whose game changes the lives of so many of his family.

    We meet so many unforgettable characters, and somehow, as we read and enjoy these stories, we gain a deeper and invaluable understanding of ourselves. Learn More

  9. Swords and Scrolls

    Swords and Scrolls


    It's not easy being a teenager in Eretz Yisrael in the days of King Antiochus. Fifteen year old Elisha is curious about the mysteries new building in Yerushalayim, while his newly married cousin, Rivka, is suspicious of the changes that threaten to disturb her peaceful existence. Rumors abound that a large army is on its way.

    Will Rivka have the courage to stand up for her beliefs and will Elisha win the battle raging in his soul? Learn More

  10. Life Unwrapped, True stories of struggle, triumph, - and discovery

    Life Unwrapped, True stories of struggle, triumph, - and discovery


    Her shidduch was progressing marvelously...until everything ground to a halt.

    Their teenage son was stuck without a yeshivah, and they were left groping in the dark.

    Their baby suddenly stopped thriving-and no one knew why.

    No one has the perfect life; we all have our roadblocks. Yet if we view those challenges from a fresh perspective, we may just notice the glitter of wrapping paper...the sparkle of a bow...the shiny ribbons dancing in the air. Yes, life's struggles are gifts as well, gifts just waiting to be unwrapped.

    Life Unwrapped contains over 40 true, stirring accounts of people just like me and you, who initially found themselves stymied by the curveballs they were thrown in life-but then rose to the occasion in incredibly heroic ways, thus discovering a gift of their own. Each beautifully written, personal account will leave you touched and uplifted-and yearning to uncover your gifts of greatness. Learn More

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