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Novels & Short Stories

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  1. Stolen Dreams, A Novel

    Stolen Dreams, A Novel


    Vibrant flowers and crystal glasses adorn the wedding tables. The orchestra plays softly in the background. Udel Steinberg sits on her bridal chair in joyful anticipation. But where is the chassan? Is there a simple explanation for his absence—or is something more sinister at play?

    Eighteen years earlier, newly married Tuvia and Esti Steinberg set out for Mexico with the best of intentions—to work in the wealthy Jewish community and earn enough to buy an apartment of their own back in Israel. But their happy dreams collide with a terrible reality when their newborn daughter is kidnapped.

    Follow the Steinbergs’ desperate search of Mexico’s back roads and big cities, its mansions and mountains. Can they scrape together the means—and the courage—to rescue their baby from a heartless criminal and his gang?

    Based on a true story, Stolen Dreams will keep you spellbound all the way to its exhilarating and unpredictable finish.

    By Rachel Schorr, popular author of After the Darkness, The Search, Zero Hour, Zero Limits, and other great reads. Learn More

  2. Between the Lines, A Novel

    Between the Lines, A Novel


    Adina Levman is falling through the cracks, sliding down the slippery slope of pain and rejection, heading for the dazzling lights of the outside world.

    Linda Harvey is in the spotlight of fame with her whole life mapped out before her, until she discovers a secret that will change the course of her life - if she lets it.

    Between the lines of life and the lines of the stage, Adina and Linda struggle to discover who they really are. When they meet, they seem to be heading in completely different directions, but if they can learn from each other, they will discover that perhaps they are not so different after all. Learn More

  3. Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year

    Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year


    Say "Good Yom Tov, Mrs. Honig" and she will treat you to a seasonal selection of delectable delights. Greet each holiday with a Mrs. Honig favorite - tales for every palate, age, and Yom Tov.

    You'll relish each story as you go holiday hopping around the Jewish calendar. And when you're gathering those last few crumbs from the very last story, no worries - there's a brand new year beckoning. Turn right back to Rosh Hashanah, and presto! - this book turns into a family classic!

    Mrs. Honig Cakes stories are wholesome, interesting, enjoyable, and age-appropriate. They possess a feeling for Yiddishkeit and illustrate good middos. Young Readers will identify with these characters.

    - Rabbi Oscar Ehrenreich, Principal, Bais Yaakov Boro Park

    Mrs. Honig is charming, wholesome, and full of gentle humor and chein. Lovely stories for Jewish kids.

    - Yaffa Ganz Learn More

  4. Promise Me, Jerusalem, A gripping novel of the recent past

    Promise Me, Jerusalem, A gripping novel of the recent past


    “When you have a boy from a family like Goldreb practically begging to be meshadech with you, you don’t do anything silly. You call your husband over and you drink l’chaim.”

    “My husband is in shul,” I said.

    “So we’ll go get him.” Esther stood up resolutely.

    I went to my bedroom, locked the door, and breathed deeply.

    The shidduch wouldn’t happen anyway, since I had nothing to give.

    Duvid and Chaya Davidovitz are a proud Yerushalmi couple, raising their large brood in the traditions of old. Now their oldest daughter, Malka’la, is of marriageable age, and they don’t have any means of providing for her – not a wedding, not a trousseau, not a dirah.

    Both Duvid and Chaya want the coveted shidduch to happen, even if it means going out on unfamiliar paths in a quest for parnasah. But how far can they stretch themselves for Malka’la before tragedy strikes their home? And where can they turn for help when their entire world seems to be disintegrating around them?

    Talented author Chany Rosengarten has woven a tale of Yerushalayim of the recent past, when families struggled to put bread on the table and children grew up before their parents’ plans for the future had a chance to unfold. In a story spanning decades and continents, Duvid, Chaya, and Malka’la struggle with the trials of facing the unknown and conquering their fears, as they hold on fervently to the promise of Jerusalem.

    Learn More
  5. Big Plans on Pleasant Street

    Big Plans on Pleasant Street


    Ten-year-old Yossi Levine lived on Pleasant Street. He didn’t like change very much, so Pleasant Street was the perfect place for him to live. Everyone knew everyone else, and you always knew what to expect from the people there.

    For a long time, this had been true.

    But changes were coming. Changes involving money, the weather, the neighbors, the town council, a band of young musicians — and one very intriguing newcomer, who arrived very early one morning on Pleasant Street...and changed the lives of its residents forever. Learn More

  6. Whispers (sequel to Disappeared)

    Whispers (sequel to Disappeared)


    Supersleuth Yael Reed has seen a lot in her short yet thrilling investigative career. But when a frantic teenager contacts her regarding the picture-perfect Simon couple and their mysterious babies, the young PI encounters her most shocking case yet.

    Yael babysits undercover and discovers a horrifying secret. But before she can solve the case, the Simons and their children have vanished and Yael is on the run. Will she find the babies—and the key to their disappearance—before it’s too late?

    Whispers is the fourth book in best-selling author Ruthie Pearlman’s wildly popular School of Secrets, Lockdown, and Disappeared series. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until its exhilarating and unpredictable end. Learn More

  7. No Place Like Home, spellbinding tale that leads us to ponder the meaning of love & family & reconsider the stigmas and convention in our lives

    No Place Like Home, spellbinding tale that leads us to ponder the meaning of love & family & reconsider the stigmas and convention in our lives


    "We've got a welfare case here," Dr. Geiger taunted. 

    "A welfare case?" Dr. Loren echoed, bewildered. 

    "A child was injured, hit by a car."

    "Last I checked, car accidents don't count as welfare cases." 

    "But this is different," Dr. Geiger said. "The kid doesn't have parents. He"s living at home, and his sister is raising him." She smirked. 

    "She should be charged with child neglect!"

    "You can't charge her with child neglect. She's a minor."

    * * * 

    Dr. Judith Loren, top cardiologist at Brooklyn's Fairmount Hospital, is busy with high-profile surgeries and consultations around the clock. But when she encounters a terminally ill patient with a multimillion dollar legacy, Judith must decide upon the fates of three orphaned Jewish children-as well as her own destiny. 

    With World War II raging across Europe, Joseph Laviers makes a difficult decision that ultimately saves his daughter's life. Upon his return to claim her following the war, the dedicated father and survivor discovers the unthinkable. Will he ever be whole again? 

    Ruth Arieli Rapaport, popular author of Guilty as Charged, Dancing in the Rain, and the best-selling series 23 Under 1 Roof, is back with a spellbinding tale that leads us to ponder the meaning of love and family-and reconsider the stigmas and convention in our lives.
    Learn More
  8. Good Behavior, A weary rabbi, a moment of sleep, and two unsuspecting pedestrians

    Good Behavior, A weary rabbi, a moment of sleep, and two unsuspecting pedestrians


    For high school student Penina, it is almost the end of the world. Her father is taken to prison and she also becomes a prisoner - of her own tumultuous life. Desperate to make amends with the victims, while at the same time struggling to keep her terrible secret, she sets out on a deeply emotional journey to offer help and consolation. Will it lead her heart to freedom? Will it help her father find peace? Will their family ever be whole again? Good Behavior More than a story. An experience... Learn More
  9. Trust in Me

    Trust in Me


    A novel about shidduchim, growth, and the power of emunah

    The confusion.
    The uncertainty.
    The hope.
    The trust.
    Tamar enters the world of shidduchim filled with hopes just like any young woman. Yet it seems as if the many strikes against her will make her dreams impossible to realize.
    Trust in Me is a touching portrayal of one girl's journey through despair and self-doubt -- and ultimately, her indescribable joy when she learns to truly trust in Hashem.

    Learn More
  10. Going Up and other stories

    Going Up and other stories


    Up, up and away!

    Fly on the heels of Rochel Burstyn's vivid imagination as she brings you into a world filled with funny and entertaining stories!

    • A girl on vacation discovers just how far a smile can travel.
    • A boy joins a search party, only to find the one they're searching for is -- HIM!
    • Embarrassed by her messy family, a girl finally discovers the happiness in her untidy world.
    • A little boy's trip up a high-rise elevator sends his sisters for a scary ride!

    This jam-packed story collection will keep you flying high to the very end! 
    Hop aboard!

    Learn More

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