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Novels & Short Stories

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  1. Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year

    Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year


    Say "Good Yom Tov, Mrs. Honig" and she will treat you to a seasonal selection of delectable delights. Greet each holiday with a Mrs. Honig favorite - tales for every palate, age, and Yom Tov.

    You'll relish each story as you go holiday hopping around the Jewish calendar. And when you're gathering those last few crumbs from the very last story, no worries - there's a brand new year beckoning. Turn right back to Rosh Hashanah, and presto! - this book turns into a family classic!

    Mrs. Honig Cakes stories are wholesome, interesting, enjoyable, and age-appropriate. They possess a feeling for Yiddishkeit and illustrate good middos. Young Readers will identify with these characters.

    - Rabbi Oscar Ehrenreich, Principal, Bais Yaakov Boro Park

    Mrs. Honig is charming, wholesome, and full of gentle humor and chein. Lovely stories for Jewish kids.

    - Yaffa Ganz Learn More

  2. Curtain Call

    Curtain Call


    It’s production time at Bais Breindel, but for Brachie Bodner and Atara Gold, the role-playing goes a lot deeper than on stage… A compelling and enjoyable teen novel that explores personal insecurities and complex family dynamics, written by a beloved author.

    Brachie Bodner: As the principal's daughter, she is constantly playing the role of perfect student. But are things really as perfect as she makes them out to be?

    Atara Gold: Pampered and popular, everyone thinks Atara has it all except for Atara herself. Still, Atara is determined to keep up that image at all costs. Why is that proving to be so hard?

    When production rolls around at Bais Breindel, tenth graders Brachie and Atara find themselves vying for the coveted main part in the play. But things don't pan out as either girl expected, and instead they find themselves playing roles they never could have envisioned both on stage and off.

    Curtain Call is the compelling story of two girls grappling with teenage insecurities and complex family dynamics. It's the story of every girl who has traversed the high school years, coming away with life lessons that will endure long after the curtain falls on the last act. Learn More

  3. 23 Under 1 Roof #4, The New House

    23 Under 1 Roof #4, The New House


    The 23 Schneiders are now being joined by a family of mice in their home!

    Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

    What happens when,

    Tully begins to sleepwalk?

    A big fight breaks out among the kids and everyone takes sides?

    A family of mice decides to move in with them?

    Abba rents a strange cat to help catch the mice?

    Come along and share in the latest hilarious, exciting and fascinating adventures of the Schneider's 21 children! Learn More

  4. Mrs. Honig's Cakes #6, School Stories

    Mrs. Honig's Cakes #6, School Stories


    With Mrs. Honig at your side, step right through the classroom door. No lesson is too boring, no test is too hard, and both recess and homework are fun all the same. Catch a seat up front so you can get in on the action as you sample one school story after another. In this sixth volume of Mrs. Honig's Cakes, you'll hop onto the school bus with the oh, so familiar characters and share the ride from home to school and back again.

    "Mrs Honig's Cakes stories are wholesome, interesting, enjoyable and age-appropriate. They possess a feeling for Yiddishkeit and illustrate good middos. Young readers will identify with these characters." -Rabbi Oscar Ehrenreich, Principal, Bais Yaakov Boro Park

    "Mrs. Honig is charming, wholesome, full of gentle humor and chein. Lovely stories for Jewish kids." -Yaffa Ganz Learn More

  5. The Invisibles #2, Mystery of the Anonymous Donor

    The Invisibles #2, Mystery of the Anonymous Donor


    Join Rafi Fisher and his friends as they set out to track down a mysterious donor in this exciting novel for tweens, the second in The Invisibles series!

    Rafi Fisher’s family is dealing with serious money issues. An anonymous benefactor begins sending them money each week, tucked into a yellow envelope, and they have no clue who it could be. When the Fisher family no longer needs the help, Rafi Fisher and his friends set out to track down the mysterious donor.

    Why doesn’t Nati live at home?

    How does one forgotten necklace save a family?

    And most importantly: Will Rafi ever discover the donor’s true identity?

    You’ll find the answers in this gripping, entertaining book!

    The Mystery of the Anonymous Donor is an exciting story for children, teens and even the adult who wants to take a visit back to the world of childhood.

    The Mystery of the Anonymous Donoris the second in the "Invisibles” series, and joins the other title by author Rachel Schorr,Secret of the Purple Bottle. Learn More

  6. Making Change, And Other Stories

    Making Change, And Other Stories


    Have you ever been made into an unwilling accomplice as your best friend does something terribly wrong to another person?

    Did you ever meet up with an out-of-town cousin you used to be so close with...only to discover that she seems to have turned into a world-class snob?

    Do you ever become frustrated when your parents tell you they can’t afford to buy something you really want?

    Welcome to the world of teens and tweens!

    In Making Change, you will read the fictional accounts of many girls who are just like you: teens and tweens who worry about their friendships and their weight and the image they project to the world. Enter the lives of Ahuvi, Chaya, Baila, and the others — and let the magic of their stories unfold and envelope you! Learn More

  7. Doorways, A Novel

    Doorways, A Novel


    Three young women face the doorways of their lives.

    For Nechama, a door of new experiences as a community rebbetzin swings wide open in front of her, and she must determine how to step through it with grace, compassion, and steadfastness to her ideals.

    For Shulamis, the door that has always been hers—the one that leads to longterm kollel learning—is swinging shut. The choice is hers: does she pry it open even as it closes, or seek a different door?

    Bracha stands in front of one door, the one she has longed for all her life, and it is shut tight. She yearns for more children but faces loss and uncertainty. Will she step through to the other side?

    Follow these women as they navigate the closing and opening portals in their lives. Because their lives mirror ours, and you will learn about yourself along the way.

    Revisit some of your favorite characters from Sara Wiederblank’s popular novel, Pass or Fail, in this compelling, stand-alone tale of hope and heartache. Learn More

  8. Operation K.T.

    Operation K.T.


    A collection of the much-adored stories of legendary Olomeinu writer Rabbi Zevulun Weisberger z"l. Includes a mini biography of Rabbi Weisberger's life and accomplishments.

    When it comes to storytellers, Rabbi Zevulun Weisberger was a legend.

    For half a century, he was one of Olomeinu’s star writers, whose beautifully written stories never failed to entertain and inspire his thousands of readers.

    Now a selection of these much-adored stories have been collected and compiled in a book that promises to become a beloved classic: Operation KT and Other Stories. Rabbi Weisberger’s fans of young and old--as well as their own children and grandchildren, who may never have read Rabbi Weisberger’s stories--can now enjoy these spellbinding and imaginative tales, whose settings may span the era of Jewish history but whose messages are timeless.

    Prepare to set sail to faraway lands and exotic come face-to-face with adventure around your very own meet up with a range of unique characters...all under the influence of this talented writer’s pen!

    Bonus: Includes a mini biography of the life and accomplishments of the unforgettable Rabbi Zevulun Weisberger z"l ! Learn More

  9. Between Teens, Short Stories and Experiences from Real Life

    Between Teens, Short Stories and Experiences from Real Life


    Batya studies so hard for her final—but flunks it anyway...

    Esther feels like an invisible girl at school...

    Temima struggles with whether or not to block texting from her phone...

    Chavi knows, deep down, that her friendship with Raizy brings out a side of her that she doesn’t like...

    What do these girls, and all the others in this book, have in common?

    They are all teenagers. Like you, they sometimes feel that no one understands you, they often struggle to make the right decisions in life...and, like you, there’s nothing they enjoy more than a good, long schmooze with friends.

    Between Teens is a collection of true stories and experiences of different teens. Some were originally featured in Mishpacha’s TeenPages or Ami; some are brand new. You’ll love reading each one, and you’ll find yourself relating to these accounts the way only a fellow teen can.

    So grab a cup of coffee and come, let’s schmooze about our lives... Learn More

  10. Risky Game, A Novel Based on a True Story

    Risky Game, A Novel Based on a True Story


    It was an accident, or so it seemed at the time.

    The IDF army truck had been given instructions to graze the car, just a minor encounter in order to relieve the enigmatic Mr. Schwartz, an old friend of the Levitt family, of his briefcase. But six-year-old passenger Neil Levitt did not know that. Neither did his mother, father, or younger brother, who all became casualties of a sinister plan that spanned global proportions. The accident did permanent damage to Neil’s father, Jeff, but for the Levitt family, that was a mere shadow of the nightmare that was still to come…

    Years later, Neil has undergone a complete transformation from that scared and confused youngster of his childhood. But when his stepbrother Richard joins Israel’s Mossad, little does Neil realize how this will ultimately affect him. Richard’s exploits uncannily lead him to discover secrets of….the Levitt family’s fateful car accident of so many years ago. Those secrets are powerfully protected, though, and Richard finds clues in a most unexpected Source…

    Based primarily on a true story, Risky Game captures the personal impact of the perilous and convoluted world of international espionage, while portraying the depth of resilience in the face of devastating hurdles, and demonstrating the all-encompassing wisdom of the Torah’s teachings. Learn More

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