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Between Teens, Short Stories and Experiences from Real Life



Batya studies so hard for her final—but flunks it anyway...

Esther feels like an invisible girl at school...

Temima struggles with whether or not to block texting from her phone...

Chavi knows, deep down, that her friendship with Raizy brings out a side of her that she doesn’t like...

What do these girls, and all the others in this book, have in common?

They are all teenagers. Like you, they sometimes feel that no one understands you, they often struggle to make the right decisions in life...and, like you, there’s nothing they enjoy more than a good, long schmooze with friends.

Between Teens is a collection of true stories and experiences of different teens. Some were originally featured in Mishpacha’s TeenPages or Ami; some are brand new. You’ll love reading each one, and you’ll find yourself relating to these accounts the way only a fellow teen can.

So grab a cup of coffee and come, let’s schmooze about our lives...

Additional Information

In Store Item # BIBS821
MSRP $20.95
Author Sarah Massry
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 280
ISBN-13 978-1-60091-362-4
Publisher Israel Bookshop Publications
Published Mar 19, 2015
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Between Teens, Short Stories and Experiences from Real Life

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