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Coins of Merit



Rabbi Moshe Y. Kamensky has been involved in educating and consulting on behalf of our school-aged generation for thirty years, while earning three education degrees. In that time, he has told many stories.

Most have been true, and some&well, some that could have happened.

Come unite and live the vivid human experiences with young LB and BB. Participate in their discovery of an American Revolutionary War chest of gold coins, and LBs ability to duplicate himself into multiple people to save communities.

Episode One climaxes with Portal time-travel to a far away city.

That event changes history.

Coins of Merit demonstrates the principle of Midah-kiNeged-Midah: That Hashem actively Prepares and sequentially guides us to our next Merit, while never withholding Reward. Coins of Merit introduces a series of action-novels that speaks to our elementary school-age boys and girls with riveting energy, blended with role-modeling character development.

Our heroes, LB and BB, are faced with challenging decision making opportunities chapter after chapter. For them, doing well is not good enough. They are determined to be the best that they can be in all scenarios they encounter&and there are many of them.

The mission: While LB and BB advance in their development of serving Hashem from Chayil to Choyil (Strength to Strength), they achieve levels of Yiras Shamayim and a keen awareness of Hashgacha Pratis in each episode.

Every new intense adventure in their young but mature lives brings our heroes to new heights of maturity, self-sacrifice, and righteousness on behalf of their fellow man.

Join them, help them, learn from them  assist LB and BB in attaining valuable, lifelong, leadership skills, in Episode 1, Coins of Merit.

177 Pages, Softcover

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In Store Item # B464
MSRP $13.95
Author Moshe Kamensky
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 177
ISBN-13 9780615226163
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Coins of Merit