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The Adopted Princess



The Adopted Princess

While fleeing from Cossack marauders, Rabbi Shabse Cohen (known to future generations as the "Shach") and his young daughter are separated in a forest. the child, ill and unconscious with a burning fever, is rescued by the kind of Poland himself. This is the beginning of Esther`s life as companion to the king`s daughter. Legends anise about the Jewish girl in the royal palace who remains devoted to the faith of her people, just like Queen Esther of old. Through a series of adventures, Divine Providence brings the courageous young heroine to fulfill her destined role. An inspiring tale of faith and Jewish pride.

Additional Information

In Store Item # bkehot51
MSRP $13.95
Author Marcus Lehman
Translator Nissan Mindel
Illustrator Zalman Kleinman
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 72
ISBN-10 0-8266-0034-9
Publisher Kehot Publications
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

The Adopted Princess

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