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The Family Shabbos Book - Bereishis #1



Looking for some wholesome, Torah-true Shabbos entertainment? Wish you had a way to experience a more family-oriented, uplifting, tranquil Shabbos?

The Family Shabbos Book is your answer! This is the first volume of an exciting parashah series. Divided into six sections  one for each of the first six parshiyos of Chumash Bereishis  The Family Shabbos Book combines a wealth of information and the rare talent of three exceptional artists in one book: Gadi Pollack, Yoni Gerstein and Gold.

Parashah trivia, challenging brain teasers and interesting tidbits; delectable recipes, inspiring stories, comics and biographies, every week is jam-packed with entertainment, fun, and beauty for the whole family to share. Like its title, this book is perfect for the entire family  from comics fans to riddle mavens; from the budding talmid chacham to the young balebusta; there is something here for everyone.

This first volume contains parshiyos Bereishis through Toldos.

Large Format, 80 pages

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In Store Item # BFELD1944
Publisher Ohrot Publishers

The Family Shabbos Book - Bereishis #1