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The G-dly Fire of the Jewish Soul



The G-dly Fire of the Jewish Soul is a classical work covering the full range of Jewish life and observance. From the basic fulfillment of the commandments of the Torah to the most hidden and esoteric meanings of the Kabalah and Chassidus. Some of the classical questions about Judaism that are addressed are- G-d, the Supreme Being, the spiritual significance and personal enrichment through performing the commandments of the Torah, what it means to be a Jew, the Messiah and the nature of miracles in the world. Dovid Klein has a unique ability to clarify and explain deeper matters in the the Torah in a very clear and understandable fashion. Also, and very importantly, people in search of a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of life will get alot of benefit and direction in their search for this meaning. Mr. Klein has also written another somewhat related book on Judaism that will be coming out soon.


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The G-dly Fire of the Jewish Soul