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Have you ever thought twice about a bunch of green bananas or armfuls of shopping bags? Rabbi Wein sees these everyday occurrences and discerns a blueprint for more enjoyable, productive living. Read the book for more keen and cogent observations! Many of us go through life and see a lot, but perceive very little. Rabbi Wein observes a bunch of green bananas or two armfuls of loaded shopping bags and discerns a blueprint for more enjoyable, more productive living. Through his forty-eight concise essays on topics ranging from counting your blessings to trying new things to knowing how to argue effectively, Rabbi Wein distills the best of his many careers as a rabbi, lawyer, rosh yeshivah, historian, teacher and lecturer into scores of keen and cogent observations. The chapters in this book will amuse, enlighten, provoke and inspire. Don

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Author Rabbi Berel Wein
Publisher Artscroll Publishers

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