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Halachic Handbook: The Laws Of Purim



Halachic Handbook: The Laws Of Purim

A concise and clear summary of all the laws of Purim, in a wonderfully convenient pocket size (4"x6")

The halachos are written in a readable, easy-to-follow style, while extensive source notes make this a valuable resource for further, in-depth study.

Includes Birchas HaMazon - A unique gift to give out in your Mishloach Manos, at wedding, bar and bas mitzvahs, and all events during the Purim season.

Includes halachos of: • Parashas Zachor • Taanis Esther • Reading the Megillah • Mishloach Manos • Matanos L'evyonim • and many, many more.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BART1842
MSRP $5.99
Author Rabbi Yitzchok Rosedale
Editor Rabbi Shmuel Felder
Format Soft Cover
Pages 176
ISBN-13 9781422614686
ISBN-10 1422614689
Publisher Mesorah Publications
Product Dimensions 4"x6"

Halachic Handbook: The Laws Of Purim

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