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Books about Prayer

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  1. Coming Closer, Understanding and experiencing tefillah

    Coming Closer, Understanding and experiencing tefillah


    From the approbations of the author’s Hebrew work, Tehillos Yisrael:

    “I have reviewed the sefer Tehillos Yisrael and it is a very beautiful sefer . . .”

    —HaRav Hagaon Chaim Kanievsky

    “lt is a sefer that is unique . . . which reveals the depth and hidden light of the language of tefillah . . .”

    —HaRav Dovid Cohen

    Now, in Coming Closer, Rabbi Goldfinger uncovers the language and deeper intent of tefillah in a form accessible to everyone.

    “Rabbi Goldfinger has published a deep and beautiful work. . . The serious student will gain tremendously from both the fun- damentals clarified and the meaning that it adds to tefillah . . .”

    —HaRav Ahron Lopiansky

    “The insights [of Coming Closer] speak to both the heart and the intellect simultaneously . . . creating a palpable new appreciation of tefillos . . . I personally thank you for the positive effect on my own davening.”

    —HaRav Mordechai Finkelman

    This sefer can help us come closer to Hashem with each and every davening. Learn More

  2. Conversations With G-d, Prayers for Jewish Women

    Conversations With G-d, Prayers for Jewish Women


    When the heart is full of gratitude, there is prayer. When the soul is full of pain, there is prayer. When it seems there is no one to talk to or nothing to say, there is prayer.

    Jewish prayer gives wings to our emotions and words to our yearnings. It has the power to uplift, articulate, and clarify. Formal prayer is crucial. In addition, praying informally, personally, and often, can be a deeply rewarding exercise in spirituality and in our relationship with Hashem.

    In this meaningful, touching, and deep book, Ruchi Koval has explained and added personal connection to some of the most fundamental Jewish prayers, as well as created and adapted some new ones for contemporary Jewish women - all written for all Jewish women, whether ‘observant’, ‘just Jewish’, or just beginning to daven.

    A brief introduction precedes each prayer explaining when it is said and it's purpose. Each prayer includes the original Hebrew text, as well as transliteration, and a translation that brings out it's essence. Following the prayer is a "takeaway" which makes the prayer personal and help internalize it's message.

    Tefillah is referred to as “service of the heart.” With this unique book, we can open our hearts to G-d, our families, and ourselves.

    About the Author:

    Ruchi Koval is the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience, a family education center and Sunday school. She is a certified parenting coach, runs Torah-based character-development groups for women, and is a motivational speaker. Ruchi and her husband, Rabbi Sruly Koval, live in Cleveland, Ohio.


    “A wonderful and attainable point of departure, a springboard to the journey of a lifetime … warm and insightful … accessible, uplifting, and enriching.”

    -Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

    “This is not just any book … [it] masterfully gives access to a real and personal relationship with one's Creator. Prayers are soulfully explained. They are understood and can now be embraced on the deepest level.”

    -Lori Palatnik, JWRP Learn More

  3. ללמוד איך להתפלל - תפילות שבת - א

    ללמוד איך להתפלל - תפילות שבת - א


    בחלק זה מבוארים קטעי התפילה של ערב שבת - קבלת שבת

    ביאורים אלו נכתבו על-פי שיעורים שמסר הרה"ח ר' זלמן גופין, בישיבת תומכי תמימים המרכזית בכפר חב"ד Learn More

  4. At the Amud, A Halachic Guide for the Sheliach Tzibbur

    At the Amud, A Halachic Guide for the Sheliach Tzibbur


    From the age of bar mitzvah, we pray at the amud. Yet many who do are unfamiliar with the halachos that apply to the sheliach tzibbur. This is especially true of those in mourning, who are suddenly and unexpectedly called upon to lead the congregation on a daily basis. Even those well versed in halachah are not always knowledgeable in these laws.

    At the Amud is designed to guide and familiarize the sheliach tzibbur with the halachos he needs to know to fulfill his obligation. It includes chapters on the halachos that apply to a minyan and to those saying Kaddish . The laws and minhagim of the daily tefillos, Kerias HaTorah and the different Kaddeishim are also discussed. Authoritative and fully annotated, with appendices and a useful index, this sefer is a must for every Jewish home.


    Rabbi Yaakov Gordon is a talmid chacham renowned for his Torah works, especially in English, and praised by gedolei Torah. …One who wishes to be a sheliach tzibbur will find in his sefer every detail he must know. --Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg

    Whoever sees the author’s work is amazed; his words are clear, straightforward, and arranged beautifully, and enlightening to all who delve into them. --Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen Learn More

  5. The Rabbi’s Companion – Minhag Chabad

    The Rabbi’s Companion – Minhag Chabad


    " The Rabbi’s Companion" – Minhag Chabad- will help any Rabbi or Shul Officer conduct Jewish ceremonies in accordance with the Chabad Customs Learn More
  6. The Gates of Heaven

    The Gates of Heaven


    A Beginner's Guide to Jewish Prayer Learn More
  7. The Siddur Speaks to Us

    The Siddur Speaks to Us


    Insights and Inspiration from Our Daily Prayers Learn More
  8. Selichos: Nusach Lita Ashkenaz - Pocket Size - Hardcover
  9. Zemiros / Bircas Hamazon - Hardcover

    Zemiros / Bircas Hamazon - Hardcover


    Zemiros / Bircas Hamazon Learn More
  10. Pathway To Prayer (Sefard)

    Pathway To Prayer (Sefard)


    A translation and explanation of all the Amidah prayers of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur Learn More

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