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Books about Prayer

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  1. Siddur Torah Or - Padded Cover

    Siddur Torah Or - Padded Cover

    Regular Price: $25.50

    Special Price: $24.23

  2. Chabad Siddur (with explanatory translation and insights)
  3. A Bridge Called Prayer

    A Bridge Called Prayer

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    Special Price: $27.08

    Each day a Jew arrives at the Bridge Called Prayer. He consciously decides whether or not to connect each blessing and challenge to the Almighty. Crossing the bridge initiates an intimate relationship with Avinu Malkeinu. Failing in this assignment, he becomes entangled in a web of distractions and ignores his treasured heirloom.

    In these days of chaos and confusion, before the arrival of the Mashiach, Chazal advise us to strengthen our emuna and rely more on our bond with the Almighty and less on our own exertions. Prayer is the catalyst of our salvation.

    A Bridge Called Prayer offers insight and practical tools in these critical areas of spiritual growth. The aim of this sefer is to inspire the reader to design and construct his own Bridge Called Prayer through…

    Fascinating explanations and insights from classic and contemporary sources.

    Practical advice and encouragement to help improve your prayer experience immediately!

    Inspiring anecdotes and stories of Sages, past and present.

    About The Author:

    Rabbi Yehonason Alpren was born in Birmingham, England. Formerly a talmid of Yeshivas Kerem B'Yavne and Gateshead Yeshiva, he trained as a lawyer and has been a member of the Kollel of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem for the last thirty-five years.

    Rabbi Alpren guides his listeners with practical lessons and suggestions from Chazal, adapting and applying them into everyday lifetime situations. He transforms Torah study into a delightful experience through inspirational insights and personal experience. Learn More

  4. Portraits of Prayer - Volume I, Stories on the Siddur to Bring Your Tefillos Alive

    Portraits of Prayer - Volume I, Stories on the Siddur to Bring Your Tefillos Alive

    Regular Price: $25.95

    Special Price: $24.65

    Prayer. That unique form of communication between us and our Creator; the connection that brings us close to Him while simultaneously effecting our own yeshuos.

    But prayer doesn’t always come naturally to a person, especially when one has a hard time understanding or relating to the tefillos that we say each day. Portraits of Prayer’s goal is to change that.

    Bursting with stories and inspiration on the daily tefillos, Portraits of Prayer is all about helping us see the relevance of the words we've been saying all our lives. Whether it’s a story about a gadol that brings a particular verse to life, or a beautiful interpretation of a pasuk in Pesukei D’zimrah, you’ll find yourself turning to Portraits of Prayer frequently as a way to connect to your tefillos…and to your Father in Heaven. Learn More

  5. Blessed Are You

    Blessed Are You

    Regular Price: $28.50

    Special Price: $27.08

    Blessed Are You Learn More
  6. Every Person's Guide to Jewish Prayer

    Every Person's Guide to Jewish Prayer

    Regular Price: $28.50

    Special Price: $27.08

    Every Person's Guide to Jewish Prayer Learn More
  7. Shemoneh Esrei

    Shemoneh Esrei

    Regular Price: $28.50

    Special Price: $27.08

    The Shemoneh Esrei is our daily opportunity to connect with our creator. Use this opportunity to enhance your tefillah - and your life. Learn More
  8. Siddur: Complete - Sefard - Full Size

    Siddur: Complete - Sefard - Full Size

    Regular Price: $31.50

    Special Price: $29.93

    Siddur: Complete H/E - Sefard - Full Size Learn More
  9. Selichos: Nusach Polin - Sefard - Full Size - Hardcover

    Selichos: Nusach Polin - Sefard - Full Size - Hardcover

    Regular Price: $25.75

    Special Price: $24.46

    Selichos: Nusach Polin - Sefard Learn More
  10. Twerski on Prayer

    Twerski on Prayer

    Regular Price: $27.75

    Special Price: $26.36

    Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D. has written many a memorable and masterly tome, but this popular-sized edition of his best-selling Prayerfully Yours may well be the masterpiece for which he will be remembered.

    In Twerski on Prayer, Rabbi Twerski responds to the inner need of countless thousands: How can I get the most out of my prayers? How can I use prayer to bring myself closer to my Maker?

    Rabbi Twerski quotes the chassidic master Rabbi Moshe of Sambur: "The Torah is what G-d gave to man. It is the G-d-given method whereby we can bond with Him. Prayer is what man gives to G-d. It is the means whereby we can bind Him to us." Marvelous words! Inspiring words!

    In this book, Rabbi Twerski shows us how to translate those words to reality. In his unique and winning manner, he explains and comments on many of the daily, Sabbath, and festival prayers. Interspersed with his comments are essays that explain many of the practices and customs associated with the Siddur.

    This is not a typical Twerski book. It is an original and priceless contribution to every Jew's service of the heart, a book that will be cherished and read over and over again. Learn More

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