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אוצר לקוטי שיחות



Anthologized from the Lubavitcher Rebbe`s opus magnum, "Likkutei Sichos," Otzar Likkutei Sichot presents three essays for each Shabbat and Festival of the year. 

Compiled by an editorial board of scholars in Israel, the collection is divided into three categories: an essay on Rashi`s commentary, an essay on a Chasidic concept and an in-depth look at the parsha or festival. 

This fine selection will give the readers a taste of the Rebbe`s prodigious body of work and contribution to Torah scholarship.

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In Store Item # BHB222
MSRP $41.95
Language Hebrew
Format Hardcover
Product Dimensions 7 x 10" Hardcover, 3 volumes

אוצר לקוטי שיחות

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