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Self-Help/ Self-Improvement

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  1. Tame Your Temper, A Handbook for Controlling Anger

    Tame Your Temper, A Handbook for Controlling Anger


    This comprehensive book on controlling anger is a roadmap that will give you all the advice and guidance you need in order to keep your cool. In it, you will find powerful strategies for putting a brake on your anger; inspirational stories that provide real-life examples to emulate; and techniques for mastering savlanus. Additionally, it includes practical advice on how to teach children to deal with anger.

    This is a sefer you will want to keep handy and consult with regularly. It has the power to help you move beyond day-to-day frustrations and carry you to a loftier and happier existence. Learn More

  2. Duby's Pesach Lists

    Duby's Pesach Lists


    The Frazzled Woman's Guide to a Stress Free Pesach

    Write directly in the book

    Rip out lists when you need them Learn More

  3. From the InsideOut, Internal Growth. Eternal impact.

    From the InsideOut, Internal Growth. Eternal impact.


    Are you a growth-oriented person who aspires to reach your unique greatness?

    InsideOut provides you with the tools you need to develop self-understanding, combat negative emotions, and enhance your relationships. When you work on yourself from the Inside-Out, you experience an internal change that affects every part of your life. As you develop new perspectives, values, and mindsets, you will transform the way you feel, speak, and act.

    With insight and guidance gleaned from an extensive list of Torah sources, InsideOut offers a mussar-based approach to personal development and avodas hamiddos. Share these principles with your peers, students, and children, and invite them to experience how empowering it is to realize their potential. Learn More

  4. Social Success Dynamics, A Social Skills Workbook

    Social Success Dynamics, A Social Skills Workbook


    This comprehensive and colorful workbook is a tool for parents, educators and social service professionals working with children who struggle with a variety of social, emotional or developmental issues. The workbook is separated into six sections: Bullying, Friendship, Attention Deficit Hyperactvity Disorder, Executive Function, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Anxiety. Each section contains twelve worksheets and a quiz or diagnostic.

    The perfect method for anyone working with struggling children!

    About the author:An acclaimed educator and social skills specialist, Mrs. Rifka Schonfeld has served the Jewish community for over thirty years. She founded and directs the widely acclaimed educational programs Strategies for Optimum Success (SOS), servicing all grade levels and subjects, specializing in kriyah and English reading. She is the author of the "My Friend" series, each dealing with a specific skill for children: My Friend the Bully, My Friend the Troublemaker, My Friend the Volcano and My Friend the Worrier. In addition, her Recipes for Success is a compilation of handy cards with tips for parenting children with the various social issues. Learn More

  5. Calling Out to You, Journeys and Discoveries through Clinical Depression and Anxiety

    Calling Out to You, Journeys and Discoveries through Clinical Depression and Anxiety


    This book won’t tell you…

    That your suffering is your own fault.

    That simplistic cures or segulos will solve everything.

    That after you read this your pain will magically disappear.

    Depression and anxiety are excruciatingly painful. They are among the most difficult challenges of life. This book will not paint a rosy picture of the world and tell you that you can become blissfully happy if you just appreciate your gifts.

    In Calling Out to You, meet the brave people who have struggled with depression, anxiety, phobias, and other mental disorders, and who have grown in the process. Hear from rabbis, doctors, therapists, and other professionals who offer sage advice and heartfelt encouragement.

    Although we yearn to connect to Hashem, we can often be over powered by pain, anger, and resentment. Calling Out to You shows how to seek Hashem from within one’s troubles, without denying or minimizing them. We can strive to see the purpose in the lows and develop ways to overcome our most difficult challenges.

    In this groundbreaking anthology, Tehilla Edelman provides a refreshing, honest, and insightful look at clinical depression and anxiety. Those going through similar experiences, as well as their loved ones, will find support and empathy in these sincere and inspiring stories.

    “I was mesmerized by the professional contents of Calling Out to You, the hashkafic guidance, and moving narratives. Copies of this book now sit in my office. Every client is going to hear about it from me.”

    — Mindy Blumenfeld, LCSW, Binah columnist

    “Depression and anxiety frequently lead to the pain of isolation. Calling Out to You has broken through the silence… Come and meet these courageous writers who have…opened their hearts and souls so that others may find true support.”

    — Sarah Chana Radcliffe, MEd, CPsych, Mishpacha columnist and author of Make Yourself at Home Learn More

  6. Supercharge your Emotions to Win, 7 Keys to Achieve the Life You Desire and Deserve

    Supercharge your Emotions to Win, 7 Keys to Achieve the Life You Desire and Deserve


    "This is a terrific book that will surely supercharge the lives of those who apply its wisdom. It is easy to read and packed with effective strategies to create real and lasting life changes.”

    –DAVID J. LIEBERMAN, Ph.D., award-winning author and internationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior

    "Truly a stunning success in the field of personal growth. This book will have a positive impact on those who apply its wisdom.”

    –DAVID LOWENTHAL, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch Learn More

  7. The Theory & Practice of Universal Ethics, The Noahide Laws

    The Theory & Practice of Universal Ethics, The Noahide Laws


    The United States Congress President in 1991 endorsed a set of seven universal ethical principles, known as the Noahide Laws, as the "bedrock of society since the dawn of civilization" and as values "upon which our great nation was founded." Associated with the name of Noah, with whom this moral code was completed, practised by Abraham and reiterated at Sinai, these principles constitute the root ethical code of humanity. At a time of great moral and social drift, when both individuals and legislators seek an objective and universal moral compass, these timeless laws have a special relevance and a unifying resonance over different cultures, societies and traditions.

    The first part of this book sets out the idea or theory of the Noahide laws - from spiritual, philosophical, psychological, social and political perspectives. Various of its contents have already been before leaders, including international statesmen (whose letters are included here), who have responded with encouragement for their study and dissemination.

    The second part of the book presents the concrete conduct or practice of the Noahide laws. This precise task proceeds from extensive research into the Tradition of commentary on the Revelation at Sinai, of which the Noahide laws (already previously the moral covenant of humanity, but which were authoritively restated at Sinai) form a part. The way the Noahide Laws in their detail structure the ethical conduct of the major domains of human existence is set out clearly for the general reader; and with extensive footnotes and references for those seeking further study. Learn More

  8. תשובות לשאלות החיים

    תשובות לשאלות החיים


    תשובות לשאלות החיים הוא אסופה נבחרת מתוך איגרותיו של הרבי, שיש בה כדי לייצג את השקפת עולמו בשורה ארוכה של שאלות חיים המעסיקות את האדם בן זמננו. מכתבים אלה נבחרו בקפידה והם פורשים לפני הקוראים גישה יהודית מקיפה ורעננה, בטוחה בעצמה, שאינה מאויימת מהקִידמה המדעית והטכנולוגית ומהישגי המאה העשרים, אלא רואה בהם עצמם צעד נוסף לקראת תיקון העולם והבאתו לכדי מימוש תכלית בריאתו לקראת הגאולה האמתית והשלמה Learn More
  9. Advice for Life: Daily Life

    Advice for Life: Daily Life


    Covering the daily grind, health, business, interpersonal relationship, family and the divine, Advice for Life: Daily Life, gives a fresh look at our daily activities as the Lubavitcher Rebbe guided those who asked his advice and blessing. Learn More
  10. The Menuchah Principle -- For Life

    The Menuchah Principle -- For Life


    here is a precious gift from Shamayim that has the power to help you overcome all of life’s challenges. It is called ...

    Menuchas Hanefesh.

    Whether you are simply struggling with the challenges of daily life or dealing with a major crisis, the power of menuchas hanefesh will enable you to not just "manage" but to overcome all the obstacles in your path.

    The Menuchah Principle draws upon centuries of Chazal’s wisdom to teach you how to acquire the transforming and life-enhancing gift of menuchas hanefesh  --  a gift with the power to bring your life harmoniously together while deepening your commitment to Hashem. When you learn to integrate menuchas hanefesh into your way of thinking, you’ll lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Menuchas hanefesh provides solutions to many of life’s problems and is the key to living a life of joy.

    This book is the third in a series dedicated to the goal of enlightening our community about the precious gift of menuchas hanefesh.

    What people are saying...

    "[In this book] you will discover the power of emotional freedom ..."

    -- Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlit"a

    "The sefer in your hand is a 'people manual,' a guide for serious people to understand themselves."

    -- Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, shlit"a

    "This book is a gift from Hashem ... a virtual gold-mine!"

    -- Mrs. S.Y.L., Beit Shemesh

    About the author:

    Shaya Ostrov, L.C.S.W., is the author of The Menuchah Principle in Marriage, The Menuchah Principle in Dating, Shidduchim and Engagement and Seven Gates to Marriage, as well as numerous articles in professional and Jewish publications. A noted marital and relationship therapist, Mr. Ostrov lectures and consults on all aspects of relationship development and enhancement. His extensive experience with married, dating and engaged couples has enabled him to explore and develop the precious gift of menuchas hanefesh as the ultimate source for personal and marital fulfillment. Learn More

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