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  1. The Search is On, Can you find the ten pieces of chametz?

    The Search is On, Can you find the ten pieces of chametz?


    Interactive. Adorable. And just plain fun. The book your children and grandchildren will love - especially for Pesach!

    Pesach is such a wonderful time for children. And what is more exciting for little ones than when they search for ten pieces of bread during bedikas chametz? In this unusual and totally charming book, children will join Ari and his family as they search for chametz all over the house. And what fun when the young readers gleefully spot the pieces of bread hidden in the pictures!

    One in the bag slipped in with the spoon Nine more to follow; we'll find them all soon.

    With its clever rhyming lyrics and engaging illustrations, this is a wonderfully interactive book. It is sure to infuse our children with excitement for the Pesach holiday, as they play a unique "hide and seek" game - with ten pieces of bread. Learn More

  2. Lost Princess, Tales of Rebbe Nachman

    Lost Princess, Tales of Rebbe Nachman


    Rebbe Nachman of Breslov was truly one of the most masterful storytellers of all time. “Others tell stories to put people to sleep,” he said, “but I tell stories to wake people up!” Hidden within are hints to the deepest truths of our existence, and how we can search for the Lost Princess in our own lives.

    Sometimes simple, sometimes intricate, yet always spellbinding, educational and inspirational, Rebbe Nachman’s tales speak of joy and hope, patience and loyalty, faith and truth, and much more. “The Lost Princess,” is the first of Rebbe Nachman’s famous thirteen tales. This full color book, is beautifully illustrated by Rabbi Dovid Sears and is truly a delightful read for children. Learn More

  3. Baruch Learns About Purim CD

    Baruch Learns About Purim CD



    1 - Intro (1:09)

    2 - Shopping List (2:07)

    3 - Shalach Manos (3:08)

    4 - Taanis Esther Intro (0:45)

    5 - Taanis Esther Song (4:31)

    6 - Hymel Hamantash (1:40)

    7 - Hamantash Song (3:36)

    8 - Mr. Krause (3:05)

    9 - Costume Song (4:30)

    10 - Mrs. Geffen (2:30)

    11 - Ad Delo Yoda (2:59)

    12 - Gershy Gragger (1:15)

    13 - Megillah Song (5:44)

    14 - Osher the Kvetch-Up (1:50)

    15 - Tzedaka Song (2:55)

    16 - Slippery Jake (1:30)

    17 - Manos Delivery Song (3:13)

    18 - Purim Seudah (0:58)

    19 - Kunda Nostalgia Medley (13:48)

    20 - Ending (1:28) Learn More

  4. Learn to Draw with Devorah Benedict
  5. The Gulf War Comics

    The Gulf War Comics


    The Fear the Promise and the Miracles Learn More
  6. Yael and Her New White Dress Book/CD

    Yael and Her New White Dress Book/CD


    Yael is thrilled with the new beautiful white dress Savta bought her! But right before Rosh Hashanah, her dress gets stained at her cousin's Bar Mitzvah. Will her mother be able to clean it? As she waits and wonders, she thinks about how the shofar reminds us to fix our mistakes and become all clean inside, too -- just like her white dress!

    Yael and Her New White Dress is part of the Yael Yom Tov Series. Learn More

  7. Hashem Invented Skyscrapers, How "New" ideas Merely Copy the Creator

    Hashem Invented Skyscrapers, How "New" ideas Merely Copy the Creator


    Do you know who invented airplanes?

    Bullet trains? Velcro? The answer is Hashem!

    In fact, every new idea was inspired by observing His world.

    In this fascinating and entertaining book, you'll learn the principles behind major advances in technology and see how they were all derived from Hashem's creation. Filled with stunning pictures, entertaining graphics, and easy-to-read information, Hashem Invented Skyscrapers takes you on an amazing journey of beauty and wonder toward a deeper appreciation of Gadlus HaBorei. Learn More

  8. Mussia of Morocco

    Mussia of Morocco


    My name is Mussia and I'm six years young. I live in the city of Casablanca in Morocco. Morocco is a Muslim country with a rich Jewish past. Our city, Casablanca, is a blend of the old and the new: On our street I see peddlers slowly pushing wagons full of merchandise side by side wiht fast-moving cars. Elderly women wearing traditional Djellabas, walk next to businessmen wearing fancy suits.

    Today we'll join my father on a journey to Marrakesh; we'll tour the mellah - the old Jewish quarter; we'll buy spices at the market in honor of; and we'll ride camels at the foot of the Atlas mountains.

    Journey along with Mussia through a fascinating day of her life in Casablanca. Watch the role she happily fulfills as a busy young outreach worker. Learn More

  9. What's the Brachah? Book & Read-Along CD

    What's the Brachah? Book & Read-Along CD


    How well do YOU know your brachos?

    In this charming and fun book that comes with its own read-along, musical CD, children will learn the different brachos to say on the various foods they eat. In addition to enjoying the original rhymes and songs in the book/CD, children will be fascinated by the adorable illustrations that really make the story come alive.

    Come join Brachah as her mother guides her through the world of brachos and see if you can learn your brachos as well as she can! Learn More

  10. Honorable Mentschen, A Torah-Based Guide to Derech Eretz and Social Skills

    Honorable Mentschen, A Torah-Based Guide to Derech Eretz and Social Skills


    Share this wonderful book with your children, And watch their good middos grow!

    Renowned author and veteran teacher Genendel Krohn has created a comic-style book filled with real-life scenarios that illustrate proper and improper behavior. Used on their own or as a springboard for role-playing, these concise episodes are a potent tool for developing a much-needed culture of sensitivity in children.

    Backed up with ma’amarei Chaza (statements of the sages) and stories from our gedolim, this groundbreaking work teaches our children the skills they need for life. Some of the topics discussed are:

    how to behave at a Kiddush

    proper phone etiquette

    the way to speak to parents & teachers

    caring for other people’s property

    sharing someone’s pain and joy

    how to be a good host and guest

    practical tips on how to react when another child is being bullied


    “Living in a world where politeness and consideration are becoming increasingly rare makes it harder for us to develop in our children character traits that are refined and al pi Torah. Mrs. Krohn’s Honorable Mentschen is a most effective tool in correcting this and in providing teachers and parents alike with an approach that is lucid, enjoyable and informative. I excitedly recommend its use within school ‘Middos and Derech Eretz’ Programs as well as for more casual reading.

    — Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Director of Publications, Torah Umesorah (alias, “Dr. Middos,” of the Marvelous Middos Machine) Learn More

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