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  1. Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year

    Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year


    Say "Good Yom Tov, Mrs. Honig" and she will treat you to a seasonal selection of delectable delights. Greet each holiday with a Mrs. Honig favorite - tales for every palate, age, and Yom Tov.

    You'll relish each story as you go holiday hopping around the Jewish calendar. And when you're gathering those last few crumbs from the very last story, no worries - there's a brand new year beckoning. Turn right back to Rosh Hashanah, and presto! - this book turns into a family classic!

    Mrs. Honig Cakes stories are wholesome, interesting, enjoyable, and age-appropriate. They possess a feeling for Yiddishkeit and illustrate good middos. Young Readers will identify with these characters.

    - Rabbi Oscar Ehrenreich, Principal, Bais Yaakov Boro Park

    Mrs. Honig is charming, wholesome, and full of gentle humor and chein. Lovely stories for Jewish kids.

    - Yaffa Ganz Learn More

  2. Going Up and other stories

    Going Up and other stories


    Up, up and away!

    Fly on the heels of Rochel Burstyn's vivid imagination as she brings you into a world filled with funny and entertaining stories!

    • A girl on vacation discovers just how far a smile can travel.
    • A boy joins a search party, only to find the one they're searching for is -- HIM!
    • Embarrassed by her messy family, a girl finally discovers the happiness in her untidy world.
    • A little boy's trip up a high-rise elevator sends his sisters for a scary ride!

    This jam-packed story collection will keep you flying high to the very end! 
    Hop aboard!

    Learn More
  3. Social Skills Around the Clock

    Social Skills Around the Clock


    This book is all about the different social skills children and teenagers need throughout the day. The book is organized by two page spreads in which the left side portrays a child who lacks the social skill and the right side portrays that same child after he or she has gained the social skill. The illustrated section of the book has little text in order to keep the message clear and simple so that all children learn from the book.

    About the Author:

    Rifka SchonfeldDirector S.O.S - Strategies for Optimum Success.

    An acclaimed educator and social skills specialist, Mrs Rifka Schonfeld has served the Jewish community for over thirty years. She founded and directs the widely acclaimed educational program, Strategies for Optimum Success (SOS), servicing all grade levels and subjects, specializing in kriyah and English reading. A consummate teacher's teacher, Mrs. Schonfeld created and presents social skills workshop focusing on key issues in social interaction for children, teens and adults: self-esteem, maintaining lasting friendships, communication, trust, conflict resolutions, bullying, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), ADHD, and anxiety. Along with social skills coaching and parenting classes, Mrs. Schonfeld works with young adults, preparing them for shidduchim.

    About the Illustrator :

    Yoel Judowitz is an artist specializing in Jewish books, products, and educational material.

    Includes 28 pages of comics! Plus and extensive bonus index with skills, advice, and guidance on daily social skill challenges!


    Learn More
  4. Operation Entebbe: The Dangerous Play, The amazing story of a true rescue operation that took place not so long ago...

    Operation Entebbe: The Dangerous Play, The amazing story of a true rescue operation that took place not so long ago...


    Shimmy is an Israeli boy, the son of a Holocaust survivor, who boards a plane from Tel Aviv to Paris on the 29th of Sivan, 5736 (1976). The plane never lands at its destination. Shimmy, along with his father and the rest of the passengers aboard the aircraft, fall into the hands of dangerous terrorists who deliver them to the hostile environment of Entebbe, Uganda.

    A daring rescue plan is set into motion—"Operation Entebbe,” or "Operation Yonatan”—but Shimmy isn’t even aware of the true drama happening around him. Why? Because of something else that took place, 35 years beforehand, during a completely different but also terrifying experience…

    Operation Entebbe: The Dangerous Play relates the amazing story of a true rescue operation that took place not so long ago. Although Shimmy and his family are fictional characters, the historical context of the story is completely factual. As you read the incredible story, you’ll be fascinated by the miracles Hakadosh Baruch Hu performs for the Jewish people, time and time again! Learn More

  5. Shikufitzky Street #4

    Shikufitzky Street #4


    Welcome to "Shikufitzky Street"!

    Meet the neighbors:



    -Zaidy Zundel

    -Bubby Zelda


    -The Genius Ditza Nitza

    Come laugh and think along with them in nearly a hundred delightfully illustrated comic strips! And you'll be seeing us – the Shikufitzky kids – once in a while too. Learn More

  6. 23 Under 1 Roof #5, Unraveled Travels

    23 Under 1 Roof #5, Unraveled Travels


    Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

    What happens when…

    Motty, Etty, Riki, and Lali get on the wrong train?

    Aunt Minna tries to buy Shabbos nosh from a store that’s closed?

    A fire breaks out in the house where their aunt and uncle are sleeping deeply?

    Eight-year-old Lali tries to rescue them?

    Come along and share in the latest dramatic, fascinating adventures of the Schneiders’ 21 children! Learn More

  7. Rina, My Design Sketchbook

    Rina, My Design Sketchbook


    Following in her best friends’ (Adina and Shira) bestselling drawing books, Rina’s new sketch and design book is filled with lots of easy to follow design and illustration tutorials, tons of tips and ideas and above all – hours of FUN! Learn More
  8. The Sultan's Trap

    The Sultan's Trap




    Why is there a tunnel under the king’s bed?

    How did a village teacher escape from a den of pirates?

    Why did people living on an island disappear after each Shabbos only to reappear the following Friday?

    This incredibly fun and exhilarating compilation of vintage stories will leave you breathless as you read about spine-tingling tests and challenges faced by Jewish heroes through the ages. Exhale and celebrate with them as they emerge victorious against incredible odds. Let the fun begin!


    The Sultan’s Trap

    The Chicken Fat Blunder

    The Wax Candle

    The Four Chochmos

    Shabbos Island


    A Poritz in a Tallis

    The Storyteller

    The Tzedaka Plan

    The Emir and the Rabbi

    Yossel and the Ice Wall

    The Turning Wheel of Fortune

    The Tunnel in the Palace

    The Ten Wedding Gifts

    Reb Gavriel and the Pirates

    A Memorable Estate Sale



    Stories of miracles and wonder inspire a deep faith and trust in Hashem (G-d). This is probably why such stories were told to me by my parents and siblings at bedtime and on long Shabbos afternoons. Some of the these endearing stories were told to my father by his mother, Bubby Chaya Malka Goldstein (née Goldman) nearly eighty years ago in Providence, Rhode Island. Being passed from generation to generation, the tales likely grew and evolved over time, but they are no less fun and no less wise. Decades later, finding myself straining to remember many of these riveting adventures so that I could pass them to my own children, I decided to recapture them in writing for all to enjoy. Special thanks to my dear brother, Rabbi Levi Goldstein, and my dear sister, Toby Lieder, for helping me fill in many gaps, and to Leibel Estrin, Hindy Goldstein, and Manya Goldstein for their editorial assistance. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed collecting them! Zalman Goldstein Learn More

  9. 23 Under 1 Roof #4, The New House

    23 Under 1 Roof #4, The New House


    The 23 Schneiders are now being joined by a family of mice in their home!

    Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

    What happens when,

    Tully begins to sleepwalk?

    A big fight breaks out among the kids and everyone takes sides?

    A family of mice decides to move in with them?

    Abba rents a strange cat to help catch the mice?

    Come along and share in the latest hilarious, exciting and fascinating adventures of the Schneider's 21 children! Learn More

  10. Malkali Shemesh & Nemesh #5 Shvat - Eng. DVD

    Malkali Shemesh & Nemesh #5 Shvat - Eng. DVD


    Malkali Shemesh & Nemesh #5 Shvat - Eng. DVD Learn More

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