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Children's CDs

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  1. The Living Sidrah - Chumash Beraishis individual CD's
  2. The Living Sidrah - Chumash Beraishis 16 CD set
  3. Boruch Learns about Sukkos CD

    Boruch Learns about Sukkos CD


    The Kunda Family and Shimmy Shtauber do it again with this fantastic production created in the beloved and whimsical style of the great Rabbi Shmuel Kunda z”l. In this project, Boruch and his friends return with an all-new and exciting adventure. Join him together with Shimmy, Bracha, Mr. Gazook, Mailman Murray, Osher the Kvetch, Big Ben, Laibel the Tailor, Zevy Lazoo, Ezzy Esrog & Luzzy Lulav on an incredible journey as you learn all about…you guessed it…SUKKOS! Learn More
  4. C'mon Let's Daven CD

    C'mon Let's Daven CD



    1 - Flying (3:55)

    2 - The Siddur Song (3:14)

    3 - Siddur Party Narrative (2:58)

    4 - Sheyibuneh Medley (5:25)

    5 - Lemalah,Simon Tov,Pesach (4:31)

    6 - Caring For Our Siddur (5:01)

    7 - Mommy's Prayer (3:06)

    8 - Davenin (4:26)

    9 - Story Time (3:33)

    10 - Tefila Power Song (5:04)

    11 - Ashrei,Malchuscha,Poseach (5:59) Learn More

  5. The Ungrateful Guest CD

    The Ungrateful Guest CD


    Rav Yaakov Meshulam Orenstein, also known as the Yehoshuas Yaakov, was the Rav in Lemberg during the early 1800s. Besides being a great Talmud Chacham, he was also a great machnis orech. Many people benefited from the Rav's hachnosas orchim - including The Ungrateful Guest. Also living in Lemberg at the time was a great business consultant who is visited by a suspicious figure. Do these characters have anything to do with each other? Listen to "The Ungrateful Guest" and follow a cast of colorful characters through this tale of humor and suspense, and you will find out. This 65 minute CD is great for long trips with the kids as well as for Sefirah & The Three Weeks. Learn More
  6. Mitamel Im Mendy, Mendy Music in Hebrew CD

    Mitamel Im Mendy, Mendy Music in Hebrew CD


    Mitamel Im Mendy, Mendy Music in Hebrew CD

    11 Tracks Learn More

  7. Uncle Moishy - Favorite Lullabies CD

    Uncle Moishy - Favorite Lullabies CD




    1 - B'Sheim Hashem (4:32)

    2 - Hush (3:34)

    3 - Yisimcha (3:31)

    4 - Numi Numi (3:19)

    5 - Twinkle Medley (4:50)

    6 - V'zakeni (3:31)

    7 - Hamalach (4:18)

    8 - Adon Olam (3:57)

    9 - Eliyahu (3:03)

    10 - Esah Ayni (4:28) Learn More

  8. Tickets CD

    Tickets CD



    1 - A Raffle For Two (5:41)

    2 - And The Winner Is... (3:43)

    3 - Tickets Ticekts (4:32)

    4 - Lost And Found (2:10)

    5 - Operator! (3:29)

    6 - Gam Zu L'Tovah (4:53)

    7 - Anywhere In The USA (7:24)

    8 - Moving Moving (7:56)

    9 - A Shul In The Desert (12:33)

    10 - The Canyon (7:20)

    11 - Where Am I (8:18)

    12 - The Red Scarf (3:03)

    13 - Can't Get Back (0:35)

    14 - Outro (0:59) Learn More

  9. Itzikel - A Tale of Emunah, Courage and Wit CD

    Itzikel - A Tale of Emunah, Courage and Wit CD


    Join Itzikel on his amazing journey of emunah and courage. Get swept up in the tale as Itizkel uses all of his brains and wit to stay true to the Torah in the most trying conditions. Laugh along with this hour long comedy filled adventure, and cheer for Itzikel, as he remains upbeat and cheerful throughout it all. (About the storyteller: Rabbi Yoel Ferber is a beloved Rebbe at Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel in Brooklyn, NY. He has also been a popular storyteller for close to a decade and has performed live in countless venues for thousands of children. His live performances are known for comedy, an amazing array of voices, and incredible sound effects. The storylines are entertaining, gripping and filled with suspense. Themes of Torah and Yiras Shomayim are interwoven into his plots.)


    1 The Horses

    2 Trip To Volozhin

    3 Volozhiner Yeshiva

    4 The Minsk Marketplace

    5 The Russian Army

    6 The Siberian Army Camp

    7 The Takeover

    8 The Engineer

    9 The Duke's Son

    10 The Army Headquarters

    11 The Letter

    12 The Downfall Learn More

  10. Old Mc'Berel Had A Farm Double CD

    Old Mc'Berel Had A Farm Double CD


    He really did. But there's more to the story than animals and the sounds they make. There's a king (what's a good story without a king?). There are soldiers. There's a quartermaster. What's a quartermaster? Well, you'll have to listen... And the only thing between you and this marvelous Rebbee Hill CD is the plastic wrapper and the CD jewel case. That's what it's called - a jewel case. This double CD features almost 2 hours of great story listening pleasure! Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 156 total

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