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The Ungrateful Guest CD



Rav Yaakov Meshulam Orenstein, also known as the Yehoshuas Yaakov, was the Rav in Lemberg during the early 1800s. Besides being a great Talmud Chacham, he was also a great machnis orech. Many people benefited from the Rav's hachnosas orchim - including The Ungrateful Guest. Also living in Lemberg at the time was a great business consultant who is visited by a suspicious figure. Do these characters have anything to do with each other? Listen to "The Ungrateful Guest" and follow a cast of colorful characters through this tale of humor and suspense, and you will find out. This 65 minute CD is great for long trips with the kids as well as for Sefirah & The Three Weeks.
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In Store Item # T2714CD
Artist Mayer Erps
Language English

The Ungrateful Guest CD

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