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The Secret Clubhouse Kids ...on the trail of dangerous robbers



The Secret Clubhouse Kids have their own cozy clubhouse and secret password. And now they have their very own mystery to solve, too!

When Moshe, Dovid, Shloimy, and Shimon, the four members of The Secret Clubhouse Kids, come to shul extra early one Selichos morning, hoping to gain the zechus of setting up the siddurim for everyone else, they have no idea that they are placing themselves right in the middle of a full-fledged robbery! To their shock and horror, they witness two men coming in and stealing a sefer Torah from the shul!

But The Secret Clubhouse Kids are a strong and brave bunch, not to mention goodhearted, and they are determined to track down the robbers and save the Sefer Torah, no matter how much effort it takes.

Join this great group of friends as they follow the mystery's trail, meeting several unexpected encounters along the way! You'll hold your breath as they navigate some close calls, and cheer with them as they triumph in more ways then one!

Additional Information

In Store Item # BIBS1036
MSRP $17.95
Author Rabbi Avraham Ohayun
Illustrator Dan Bar Lev
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 32
ISBN-13 978-1-60091-529-1
Publisher Israel Bookshop Publications
Published Feb 7, 2018
Product Dimensions 9.25" X 12.25"

The Secret Clubhouse Kids ...on the trail of dangerous robbers

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