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Don't Give Up



Bad news is a challenge.

It can be overwhelming - or it can point the way to growth and strength. This powerful and insightful book is important for everyone - for who has not seen or experienced pain, suffering, tragedy? The author, Rabbi Leib Pinter, is a noted scholar and a man with great sensitivity and experience. He has known, consulted, and read the works of many of the greatest rabbis and spiritual guides of the last two generations - and distilled a wealth of wisdom into a book that provides guidance, hope, and optimism in the face of adversity. Don't Give Up is filled with fascinating stories and anecdotes, sayings and interpretations of the Sages and leaders through the centuries, as well as talks given to communities that were straining to cope with crisis, by contemporary luminaries such as Rabbi Mattisyahu Salomon. Profound, interesting and informative, this book will give every reader a new understanding of Hashem's ways - especially at times when one is desperate for the right words of encouragement and comfort.

Hardcover 420 pp.

Additional Information

Author Rabbi Leib Pinter
Publisher Artscroll Publishers

Don't Give Up