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Eight Lights - 8 Meditations for Chanukah



What is the meaning and message of Chanukah? What is the spiritual significance of the Lights of the Menorah? What are the Lights telling us? What is the deeper dimension of the Dreidel? Includes a detailed how-to guide for lighting the Chanukah Menorah Rabbi DovBer Pinson, with his trademark deep learning and spiritual sensitivity guides us through eight meditations relating to the Lights of the Menorah and the eight days of Chanukah. Also included is a special section on the deeper significance of the Dreidel.

Softcover, 134 pp.

Additional Information

In Store Item # B517
MSRP $17.95
Author DovBer Pinson
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 138
Publisher The Paradoxical Press
Product Dimensions 5.5"x8.75"

Eight Lights - 8 Meditations for Chanukah