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  1. Spinning Dreidel - 1 piece
  2. Color Flame Candle 5Pk.
  3. Neironim Glass
  4. NEW! Hakafot Handbook- SOLD OUT

    NEW! Hakafot Handbook- SOLD OUT

    Regular Price: $4.95

    Special Price: $2.95

  5. The Purim Card

    The Purim Card


    The Purim card that says it all.

    A greeting card and a mini Purim guide, all-in-one!

    The perfect Mishloach Manos insert.

    Printed on beautiful felt cover stock.

    Color envelope included.

    Closed size: 2.5” x 3.5”



    Wishing you a Happy Purim פורים שמח


    Blank space for you to write your own personal message, which is optional. Card can also be sent as is.


    Celebrate Purim by observing four special Mitzvot.


    Concise instructions and beautiful illustrations of the four Mitzvot:

    1 מקרא מגילה LISTEN TO THE MEGILLAH On Purim eve, and again on Purim day, listen to the Megillah being read.

    2 משלוח מנות SEND GIFTS OF FOOD On Purim day, give at least two kinds of ready-to-eat food or drink items to at least one Jewish person.

    3 מתנות לאביונים GIVE TO THE POOR On Purim day, give charity to at least two Jewish people in need.

    4 משתה ושמחה ENJOY A FESTIVE MEAL On Purim day, partake in a festive meal with family and friends Learn More



    Regular Price: $2.49

    Special Price: $1.95

  7. Apple Corer, Available in two colours Red & Green

    Apple Corer, Available in two colours Red & Green


    This apple corer is the perfect item to get your Rosh Hashanah under way. The apple corer removes the core and divides apple or other fruit into 8 segments in a single action. Available in two colours Red & Green Learn More
  8. Visual Aseres Hadibros

    Visual Aseres Hadibros


    This attractive keepsake provides both children and adults a visual understanding of the “Aseres Hadibros” and engages them to follow-along with the Krias Hatorah.

    This colorful, meticulously designed “Aseres Hadibros” edition makes for a beautiful gift and will enhance the Shavuos experience for your children, students, Shul, youth group, or indeed any setting in which the “Aseres Hadibros” will be read or taught.

    ATTENTION SHLUCHIM, GABOIM, TEACHERS, AND PARENTS: Distribute it as both a gift and educational tool, to teach and prepare for the “Aseres Hadibros”. Have everyone in your shul, both children and adults, engaged during the Krias Hatorah, thereby making the “Aseres Hadibros” the focus and the ice cream party just a side show.

    Open the 9” x 9” visual “Aseres Hadibros”, which presents itself as two authentic Luchos, to reveal the complete “Aseres Hadibros” text inside. Each of the “Aseres Hadibros” comes alive with beautiful original illustrations by artist Yanky Gitlin, along with simple and easy to understand English captions, which capture the theme of each Dibrah. In addition, on the reverse side, the complete Torah reading for the first day of Shavuos is included in a visually appealing format. Learn More

  9. Essential Feldheim Haggadah

    Essential Feldheim Haggadah


    The Essential Feldheim Haggadah is just that – an elegant, basic haggadah for the whole family. Easy to use, handy, with large, clear type and printed on water-resistant chrome paper, it is the perfect haggadah for any group setting. Side-by-side English translation and full instructions include everything from bi’ur chametz to Shir HaShirim. The beautiful unique layout and slim, stay-open format will fit right on your Seder table as it perpetuates our glorious tradition. Learn More
  10. Pack of 3 Medium Paper Treat Bags

    Pack of 3 Medium Paper Treat Bags


    Pack of 3 Medium Paper Treat Bags (Each pack consists of one of each design) Learn More

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