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  1. the Shpielman Family Pack, Includes All Figures & Accessories 28 Pc.

    the Shpielman Family Pack, Includes All Figures & Accessories 28 Pc.


    Shabbos is coming soon to the Shpielman home! Zaidy and Babby are helping Tatty and Mommy get ready, and the children are each doing their part. Duvid’s polishing the becher, Ruchel’s setting up the candles, and Moishe’s helping Mommy shape the challahs.

    Why don't you come join them as well? The more the merrier!

    Enjoy Shabbos with the entire mishpacha!​

    ​This set includes the parents, grandparents and all 5 children as well as the two babies. You will also receive all the accessories pictured here!

    ​Recommended for ages 4 and up. Learn More

  2. Elegant Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup (approx 5 ounces) מדלן
  3. Shulchan Aruch English #4 Orach Chayim 242-300 New Ed.

    Shulchan Aruch English #4 Orach Chayim 242-300 New Ed.


    Laws Regarding Shabbos: Preparations, Prayers, Candle Lighting, Kiddush, Havdalah & Conduct Learn More
  4. Shulchan Aruch English #10 Orach Chayim 582-651

    Shulchan Aruch English #10 Orach Chayim 582-651


    Laws Regarding Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkah & Lulav Learn More
  5. Midrash Rabbah: Megillas Koheles

    Midrash Rabbah: Megillas Koheles


    If you want to unlock the spiritual and ethical treasures of Jewish thought... If you want to share the insights and brilliance of Midrashic commentators, both classic and contemporary... If you want to discover the depth and beauty of the Midrash... Now is the time to begin.

    A monumental and magnificent new Torah project: The Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah

    Like the Talmud, the Midrash is part of the Oral Law. The Midrash delves into the spiritual essence of the revealed Torah. It adds many missing details of the Torah's narrative, and provides the ethical tradition that was passed down orally from generation to generation. Midrash Rabbah is the best known and most widely studied of all the Midrashic works. The Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah is a 16-volume project covering all of Midrash Rabbah, on the entire Chumash and the Five Megillahs.

    The Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah features:

    The Hebrew text, newly typeset, on pages facing the English translation and commentary

    Many classic Hebrew commentaries, including Rashi, Matnos Kehunah, Eitz Yosef, and Maharzu, plus the out-of-print classic Eshed HaNechalim -- All newly typeset on the Hebrew page

    ArtScroll/Mesorah's acclaimed phrase-by-phrase translation and elucidation of the Midrash text, created by an international team of Torah scholars for optimum understanding of the Midrash

    Explanatory footnotes to help clarify difficult passages and concepts

    A special "Insights" section that amplifies or complements our elucidated text and notes and at times brings a contemporary focus to the timeless words of the Midrash

    "Insights": Midrashic teachings enriching our contemporary understanding The Midrash has been the source of Jewish ethical and spiritual teachings for millennia, and has been mined for its treasures particularly by the masters of Mussar and Chassidic thought. In the unique "Insights" feature, we see the Midrash through the eyes of classic early authorities as well as more contemporary giants of Torah thought such as Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, the Sefas Emes, and Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler, and many others. Learn More

  6. Inside Time: A Chassidic Perspective on the Jewish Calendar

    Inside Time: A Chassidic Perspective on the Jewish Calendar


    Inside Time by acclaimed author, Rabbi Yanki Tauber, is a three-volume book series exploring the soul of time as defined by the Torah and illuminated by Chassidic thought, particularly by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

    The three volumes of this series examine the essence of time and its origins in the primordial phases of creation; the cycles and systems that characterize it and define the trajectories of our lives; and the particular time-qualities that are brought into focus by the festivals and special dates of the Hebrew calendar.

    Volume 1 addresses the mystical view of time and its cycles.

    Volume 2 covers all the holidays and significant days from Rosh Hashana through Purim.

    Volume 3 covers all the holidays and significant days from Passover through Elul, the closing month of the Hebrew year. Learn More

  7. Leather Bound Chabad Full Size Hebrew Machzor with tehillim (choose from many colors)
  8. Velvet Megilla Bag Style -Megilla scroll-starting at $56
  9. Velvet Megilla Bag Style Crown #1 starting at $56
  10. Kosher Lamp Mushroom

    Kosher Lamp Mushroom


    Control the light on Shabbos, Yom Tov and during the week with a brand new look! Just like the original KosherLamps, you can adjust the light until it's just right.

    Just lift or lower the top of the Mushroom (we call it the Mushroom Cap) to hide the light or let it shine.

    Taking the Light in New Directions.

    The light from the Mushroom KosherLamp shines outward in all directions to light up your room at night. This feature is excellent for sharing the light with others or for helping you navigate your room at night.

    Let Mushroom KosherLamp set the mood for your room. Feel the calm and comfort spread out from the light of the Mushroom as you settle down to sleep. A steadfast light shines to let you read in bed before it's time to close your eyes.

    Then with a gentle twist, you lower the Mushroom Cap to let only a small amount of light shine. This nightlight lets you see in your room if you need to get up but won't disturb your sleep. For others who prefer not to have light shining while sleeping, they can lower the Mushroom Cap until the light is completely hidden.

    With four different light settings to get the light just right, you'll want to use Mushroom KosherLamp every night!

    Give Mushroom KosherLamp as a memorable gift that will bring them light every day. Learn More

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