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High Holidays

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  1. H/E Yom Kippur Machzor - New Annotated Edition

    H/E Yom Kippur Machzor - New Annotated Edition


    H/E Yom Kippur Machzor - New Annotated Edition Learn More
  2. A Treasury Of Chassidic Tales - Festivals - Hardcover

    A Treasury Of Chassidic Tales - Festivals - Hardcover


    A Treasury Of Chassidic Tales - Festivals Learn More
  3. Chasidic Perspectives, A Festival Anthology

    Chasidic Perspectives, A Festival Anthology


    These forty seven discourses on the Jewish Festivals give an overview of the primary concepts of Chabad Chasidus and address the dynamics of a Jew`s relationship with G-d, community, and himself. A satisfying compendium of profound subjects carefully and clearly elucidated by a master writer and teacher. Learn More
  4. Yemei Bracha - ימי ברכה

    Yemei Bracha - ימי ברכה


    includes the personal diaries of Chabad Historian Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky, Shliach in Monroe, NJ, of Tishrei 5752, in the court of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the last Tishrei before the Rebbe suffered a debilitating stroke, the last Tishrei he was in full vigor.

    This last Tishrei turned out to be a very special one indeed, highlighted by almost daily interactions with the many thousands of Chassidim and guests from around the world who came to celebrate with the Rebbe, as the Rebbe showered endless blessings through the various distributions, talks, and encounters with men, women and children throughout Tishrei, hence the name Yemei Bracha - Days of blessing.

    The diaries chronicle in great detail the daily happenings by the Rebbe during the entire 30 days of the month of Tishrei 5752, including public appearances, Davening, Farbrengens, Sichos, distribution of dollars, Lekach, Kos shel Bracha, personal anecdotes, customs during Yomim Tovim, and more.

    The diaries were meticulously kept by the then Yeshiva Bochur who had the opportunity to spend every day of Tishrei near the Rebbe, up-close, and to bear witness to these extraordinary events as they unfolded. They are being published for the very first time.

    The album includes dozens of photographs and manuscripts that give an eye opening glimpse of the daily happenings during that Tishrei and bring the diaries to life as a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

    The album, in large 8.5X11, 4 color format

    יומן אירועים בחודש החגים תשנ"ב Learn More

  5. Selichos: Nusach Polin - Sefard - Full Size - Hardcover
  6. Seudah Secrets - Elul to Adar, The Significance and Spirituality of Traditional Jewish Foods

    Seudah Secrets - Elul to Adar, The Significance and Spirituality of Traditional Jewish Foods


    Round challah in Tishrei…farfel on Hoshana Rabbah…stuffed cabbage on Simchas Torah…wine on Shabbos… When it comes to Shabbos, Yom Tov, and special occasions, our menu is set in tradition. But do you know why we eat hamantaschen on Purim and why there’s a custom to serve fish at a wedding? Or the reasoning behind the minhag of eating cheese kreplach on Shavuos and round matzos on Pesach?

    In Seudah Secrets, Rabbi Dovid Meisels, author of the popular Secretsseries, shares with us hundreds of customs regarding traditional Jewish foods, as well as the many reasons, all culled from midrashim, Chazal, and the sefarim hakedoshim, for why we eat them. Whether it’s as asegulah for health and parnassah, or to help increase one’s emunah andyiras Shamayim, every food we eat that’s steeped in mesorah provides us with infinite benefit and brachah. The food that we eat can do so much good not only for our bodies, but for our souls, too!

    There’s a treasure trove of blessing waiting for you on your Shabbos or Yom Tov table! With Seudah Secrets as your guide, you are hereby invited to uncover it all. Learn More

  7. V'Higadeta-Yom Kippur & Sukkos

    V'Higadeta-Yom Kippur & Sukkos


    Insights, stories, and teachings from the treasure-trove of maggid Harav Yaakov Galinsky, zt"l

    For decades, Rav Yaakov Galinsky fulfilled the directive of the Steipler, Rav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky, zt”l, whom he knew in the Novardok yeshivah in Bialystok. "Reb Yaakov, the Steipler advised, "zolst zogen un zogen un zogen. You need to speak and speak and speak.”

    Rav Galinsky delivered thousands of drashosin the halls of yeshivos and batei midrash, and before huge audiences, both religious and nonreligious. He is responsible for bringing many, many people closer to Hashem. Now these drashos are accessible in print to the English-speaking audience.

    In this volume, Rav Galinsky goes through each viduy confession, one by one, and through his stories and lessons from the Torah and Chazal, he explains how each one applies to us. Besides his insightful explanations of the vidui, here you will find stories and lessons on the mitzvos of Yom Kippur itself, on the order of the service in the tefillah, on sefer Yonah and Ne’ilah, as well as derashos on Sukkos, the arba’ah minim, the simchas beis hasho’eivah, the ushpizin, Hoshana Rabbah, and Simchas Torah.

    With his unique, penetrating style — with stories and parables, life lessons and maxims, pesukim and ma’amarei Chazal — he topples the defensive walls we’ve built around ourselves. He shows us who we are, and who we could be, if we only allow it. Learn More

  8. A Festival of Torah

    A Festival of Torah


    When understood properly, the Jewish holidays are inspirational, joyous, and profound. This monumental book contains nearly a thousand concise insights into all the Torah and Rabbinic festivals, as well as sections on the Days of Awe, the Three Weeks, and Tishah B'Av, compiled by renowned Rosh Kollel and talmid chacham Rabbi Binyamin Wurzburger. The author has drawn from his immense breadth of knowledge to provide the reader with a treasury of original ideas of the great commentators throughout the ages. Extensively sourced, the book is a fascinating and eclectic collection of concepts culled from lesser-known commentaries.With this comprehensive anthology of Yom Tov thoughts - many presented to the English-speaking reader for the first time - both scholars and laymen can indeed celebrate "A Festival of Torah." Learn More

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