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  1. Shabbos Table Companion - Songbook

    Shabbos Table Companion - Songbook


    Complementing our popular Shabbat Table Companion we have gathered over 100 most requested Jewish English songs and placed them at your fingertips to enhance the joy and warmth of your Shabbat and Holiday meals. Goes alongside the Shabbat Table Companion perfectly. Get a copy for each of your family members, guests and friends.


    • Long-lasting spiral binding

    • Heavy paper stock

    • Large, easy-to-read typeface

    • Laminated cover eliminates stains

    • Over 100 popular English songs

    • Does not include Kiddush or Benching

    • Makes a perfect complement to the Shabbat Table Companion! Learn More

  2. Guidelines to Kiddush and Havdalah

    Guidelines to Kiddush and Havdalah


    These books have been praised highly by numerous Gedolei HaRabbonim and have been received warmly by the English-speaking Torah community... I offer my heartfelt blessing that they should have much success in publishing further works and disseminating the Torah." -- Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, zt"l, Rosh Hayeshiva Torah Ore and Moreh Hora'ah of Kiryat Mattersdorf, Jerusalem

    "As with their other works in the "Guidelines" series, this sefer is concise, accurate, and well-structured. The authors have performed a great service, presenting these vital and complex laws in a clear and straightforward question-and-answer format." -- Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk, Gateshead, England, author of Modesty - An Adornment for Life

    "As in the previous volumes, the laws and customs are presented in a concise, lucid, and organized fashion. This volume, as well as the entire complete series of Guidelines, will serve as a guide for those who cannot learn these laws from their original sources, and as a valuable aid even to those who can." -- Rabbi Zev Leff, Rosh Hayeshiva and Rav of Moshav Matisyahu Learn More

  3. Spot The Difference-Shabbos

    Spot The Difference-Shabbos


    Can you find all the differences?

    Look at one picture, then the other.

    They’re almost the same -- but not quite.

    This bright and colorful photo book will keep kids busy as they try to spot differences between two similar pictures. There are 7 changes between each set of pictures, just like Shabbos is the 7th day of the week.

    BONUS CHALLENGE — Two little Shabbos candles are hiding in each right-hand photo, as well! Can you find them?

    Includes a fun and informative “Did you know?” section.

    Answer key in back Learn More

  4. Kosher Lamp Mushroom

    Kosher Lamp Mushroom


    Control the light on Shabbos, Yom Tov and during the week with a brand new look! Just like the original KosherLamps, you can adjust the light until it's just right.

    Just lift or lower the top of the Mushroom (we call it the Mushroom Cap) to hide the light or let it shine.

    Taking the Light in New Directions.

    The light from the Mushroom KosherLamp shines outward in all directions to light up your room at night. This feature is excellent for sharing the light with others or for helping you navigate your room at night.

    Let Mushroom KosherLamp set the mood for your room. Feel the calm and comfort spread out from the light of the Mushroom as you settle down to sleep. A steadfast light shines to let you read in bed before it's time to close your eyes.

    Then with a gentle twist, you lower the Mushroom Cap to let only a small amount of light shine. This nightlight lets you see in your room if you need to get up but won't disturb your sleep. For others who prefer not to have light shining while sleeping, they can lower the Mushroom Cap until the light is completely hidden.

    With four different light settings to get the light just right, you'll want to use Mushroom KosherLamp every night!

    Give Mushroom KosherLamp as a memorable gift that will bring them light every day. Learn More

  5. Good Shabbos Benny, A young boy's countdown to Shabbos

    Good Shabbos Benny, A young boy's countdown to Shabbos


    When Benny lay his head on his bed that very night,

    How much could he count before his Mommy shut the light?

    What’s Benny counting? His Shabbos clothes, of course! Benny can’t wait to get dressed for Shabbos. Join him as he hangs an additional piece of clothing on his bed each night. And when the most special day of the week finally arrives, you can be the very first one to wish Benny, “Good Shabbos”!

    Ages 2 to 5 Learn More

  6. Mitzvah Blvd. #3 - Shabbos DVD

    Mitzvah Blvd. #3 - Shabbos DVD


    It's Friday afternoon, Shabbos is coming soon and Bubby is off to a late start. It's a race against time with so much to do to get ready for Shabbos. Will they make it in time? Join the cast of Mitzvah Boulevard as they learn all about Shabbos and the things we do for the special day. Mitzvah Boulevard "Shabbos" is the third in the Mitzvah Boulevard series of learning and entertainment DVD's.

    Each Mitzvah Boulevard DVD is packed with Torah and Jewish values presented in a way that kids of all ages will understand and enjoy! Running time: 35 minutes - Guest appearance by Benny Friedman. Learn More

  7. Challah Board Wood & Silver Plated (Does not qualify for free shipping)
  8. Challah Board Wood & Silver Plated  (Does not qualify for free shipping)
  9. Kosher Lamp, Ivory

    Kosher Lamp, Ivory


    Kosher Lamp, Ivory

    Included with KosherLamp:

    -one 13 or 15 Watt, Compact Fluorescent Bulb.

    -KosherLamp MAX manual.

    NOTE: use maximum 15 Watt CFL bulb. Learn More

  10. 32oz. Shabbos Lamp Oil (Smokeless Liquid Paraffin)

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