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My Father's Zemiros (Acappella) CD



My Father's Zemiros (Acappella) CD

This CD features Avraham Fried, accompanied by his brothers, sons and nephews, singing a collection of heartwarming zemiros sung at his father's (Reb Yaakov Moshe Friedman a"h) table, in acappella.


1 Mimizrach

2 Ma Yedidus (1)

3 Kol Mikadesh

4 Kevodo

5 Boruch Keil Elyon

6 Niggun Gaguim

7 Koh Ribon

8 Yom Zeh Mechubad

9 Sholom Aleichem

10 Ma Yedidus (2)

11 Menucha V'simcho

12 Maoz Tzur

13 Dem Taten's Zemiros

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2546CD
Artist Avraham Fried & Family

My Father's Zemiros (Acappella) CD

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