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  1. חגים וזמנים

    חגים וזמנים


    סיפורם ומהותם של חגי ומועדי ישראל Learn More
  2. Shulchan Aruch English #10 Orach Chayim 582-651

    Shulchan Aruch English #10 Orach Chayim 582-651


    Laws Regarding Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkah & Lulav Learn More
  3. Miri on Top, The Step-by-Step Reading Series #6

    Miri on Top, The Step-by-Step Reading Series #6


    Poor Dovid! He wants to feel big and important by joining in the Sukkos preparations, but no one thinks he can be of much help. Wait! Is that Miri getting into trouble? Can Dovid save the day while everyone else is busy?

    In Miri on Top, the sixth book inThe Step-by-Step Reading Series, all short vowel sounds are reviewed with the adorable family of characters that young readers have come to know and love.

    It's simple... It's fun... It's a Step-by-Step read! Learn More

  4. Midrash Rabbah: Megillas Koheles

    Midrash Rabbah: Megillas Koheles


    If you want to unlock the spiritual and ethical treasures of Jewish thought... If you want to share the insights and brilliance of Midrashic commentators, both classic and contemporary... If you want to discover the depth and beauty of the Midrash... Now is the time to begin.

    A monumental and magnificent new Torah project: The Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah

    Like the Talmud, the Midrash is part of the Oral Law. The Midrash delves into the spiritual essence of the revealed Torah. It adds many missing details of the Torah's narrative, and provides the ethical tradition that was passed down orally from generation to generation. Midrash Rabbah is the best known and most widely studied of all the Midrashic works. The Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah is a 16-volume project covering all of Midrash Rabbah, on the entire Chumash and the Five Megillahs.

    The Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah features:

    The Hebrew text, newly typeset, on pages facing the English translation and commentary

    Many classic Hebrew commentaries, including Rashi, Matnos Kehunah, Eitz Yosef, and Maharzu, plus the out-of-print classic Eshed HaNechalim -- All newly typeset on the Hebrew page

    ArtScroll/Mesorah's acclaimed phrase-by-phrase translation and elucidation of the Midrash text, created by an international team of Torah scholars for optimum understanding of the Midrash

    Explanatory footnotes to help clarify difficult passages and concepts

    A special "Insights" section that amplifies or complements our elucidated text and notes and at times brings a contemporary focus to the timeless words of the Midrash

    "Insights": Midrashic teachings enriching our contemporary understanding The Midrash has been the source of Jewish ethical and spiritual teachings for millennia, and has been mined for its treasures particularly by the masters of Mussar and Chassidic thought. In the unique "Insights" feature, we see the Midrash through the eyes of classic early authorities as well as more contemporary giants of Torah thought such as Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, the Sefas Emes, and Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler, and many others. Learn More

  5. Succos Inspired, Discovering Depth, Joy and Meaning

    Succos Inspired, Discovering Depth, Joy and Meaning


    Succos Inspired deeply explores the themes of Succos. Coming on the heels of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, many Jews erect their Sukkahs and go through the rituals without fully exploring the meaning and power behind them. Rabbi Moshe Gersht's ground-breaking work brings this holiday of unity and community into focus with thoughtful research and perspective, giving you an opporunity to experience a truly inspired Succos.

    About the Author:

    Making Aliyah from his home in Los Angeles nearly a decade ago, Rabbi Moshe Gersht? lives in Jerusalem with his wife and family. Moshe has spent years studying under Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld, Rabbi Chaim Ilson, and Rabbi Asher Arieli, and his approach to Jewish thought is heavily influenced by the teachings of the Maharal, the Ramchal and the Chassidic masters. When Rabbi Gersht isn't peeling back the layers of a Torah topic or revealing the rich meaning of a Yom Tov, he enjoys composing music. Succos Inspired is his first book. Learn More

  6. Seudah Secrets - Elul to Adar, The Significance and Spirituality of Traditional Jewish Foods

    Seudah Secrets - Elul to Adar, The Significance and Spirituality of Traditional Jewish Foods


    Round challah in Tishrei…farfel on Hoshana Rabbah…stuffed cabbage on Simchas Torah…wine on Shabbos… When it comes to Shabbos, Yom Tov, and special occasions, our menu is set in tradition. But do you know why we eat hamantaschen on Purim and why there’s a custom to serve fish at a wedding? Or the reasoning behind the minhag of eating cheese kreplach on Shavuos and round matzos on Pesach?

    In Seudah Secrets, Rabbi Dovid Meisels, author of the popular Secretsseries, shares with us hundreds of customs regarding traditional Jewish foods, as well as the many reasons, all culled from midrashim, Chazal, and the sefarim hakedoshim, for why we eat them. Whether it’s as asegulah for health and parnassah, or to help increase one’s emunah andyiras Shamayim, every food we eat that’s steeped in mesorah provides us with infinite benefit and brachah. The food that we eat can do so much good not only for our bodies, but for our souls, too!

    There’s a treasure trove of blessing waiting for you on your Shabbos or Yom Tov table! With Seudah Secrets as your guide, you are hereby invited to uncover it all. Learn More

  7. Kitzur Halachos Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed

    Kitzur Halachos Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed


    The Halachos of Yom Tov & Chol Hamoed Based on the Mishnah Berurah

    A clear and concise guide to all the halachos of Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed, based on the Mishnah Berurah, by Rabbi Zev Hofstedter. Learn More

  8. Simchas Torah flags (25 pieces)
  9. Yemei Bracha - ימי ברכה

    Yemei Bracha - ימי ברכה


    includes the personal diaries of Chabad Historian Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky, Shliach in Monroe, NJ, of Tishrei 5752, in the court of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the last Tishrei before the Rebbe suffered a debilitating stroke, the last Tishrei he was in full vigor.

    This last Tishrei turned out to be a very special one indeed, highlighted by almost daily interactions with the many thousands of Chassidim and guests from around the world who came to celebrate with the Rebbe, as the Rebbe showered endless blessings through the various distributions, talks, and encounters with men, women and children throughout Tishrei, hence the name Yemei Bracha - Days of blessing.

    The diaries chronicle in great detail the daily happenings by the Rebbe during the entire 30 days of the month of Tishrei 5752, including public appearances, Davening, Farbrengens, Sichos, distribution of dollars, Lekach, Kos shel Bracha, personal anecdotes, customs during Yomim Tovim, and more.

    The diaries were meticulously kept by the then Yeshiva Bochur who had the opportunity to spend every day of Tishrei near the Rebbe, up-close, and to bear witness to these extraordinary events as they unfolded. They are being published for the very first time.

    The album includes dozens of photographs and manuscripts that give an eye opening glimpse of the daily happenings during that Tishrei and bring the diaries to life as a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

    The album, in large 8.5X11, 4 color format

    יומן אירועים בחודש החגים תשנ"ב Learn More

  10. Basic Lulav- Ships with UPS only- Does not qualify for free shipping

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