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Succos Inspired, Discovering Depth, Joy and Meaning



Succos Inspired deeply explores the themes of Succos. Coming on the heels of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, many Jews erect their Sukkahs and go through the rituals without fully exploring the meaning and power behind them. Rabbi Moshe Gersht's ground-breaking work brings this holiday of unity and community into focus with thoughtful research and perspective, giving you an opporunity to experience a truly inspired Succos.

About the Author:

Making Aliyah from his home in Los Angeles nearly a decade ago, Rabbi Moshe Gersht? lives in Jerusalem with his wife and family. Moshe has spent years studying under Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld, Rabbi Chaim Ilson, and Rabbi Asher Arieli, and his approach to Jewish thought is heavily influenced by the teachings of the Maharal, the Ramchal and the Chassidic masters. When Rabbi Gersht isn't peeling back the layers of a Torah topic or revealing the rich meaning of a Yom Tov, he enjoys composing music. Succos Inspired is his first book.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BFELD2255
MSRP $22.99
Author Rabbi Moshe Gersht
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 227
ISBN-13 978-1937887-51-3
ISBN-10 1937887510
Publisher Mosaica Press
Published Sep 9, 2015
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Succos Inspired, Discovering Depth, Joy and Meaning

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