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Give them gifts that they'll love. In this category you will find all sorts of Jewish gifts and Judaic items.

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  1.  30" X 47" Alef Beis Vinyl Poster (special order item can take up to 2 weeks to ship)
  2. Wash Cup with Base
  3. Perfect Matches, the Interactive Jewish Dating Game

    Perfect Matches, the Interactive Jewish Dating Game


    “Play on WEEKDAYS

    Play on SHABBOS

    Play on YOMTOV

    Get to know ANYONE ”

    Play ON a date, BEFORE a date or at an EVENT

    For Singles, Engaged or Married Couples

    Or play with absolutely anyone !!

    Discover your Bashert by asking & answering the right kind of questions Learn More

  4. Kosher Lamp Travel

    Kosher Lamp Travel


    The KosherLamp that goes where you go

    Since the early days of KosherLamp, people have been asking for a Shabbos Light that was designed for travel. Thanks to advances in LED (light emitting diode) technology, we've finally been able to make a KosherLamp that is small enough for travel while still being bright enough to light up a room.

    Now you can bring this KosherLamp with you on all your travels. Whether you're spending Shabbos out-of-town with family or are staying at a hotel, Travel KosherLamp is compact, light-weight and so easy to use. It's small enough to fit in a carry-on bag or backpack and can even be used for International Travel thanks to its universal AC/DC power adapter.

    Travel KosherLamp Features:

    compact and sturdy design for travel

    bright LED lights

    LED lights rated for a lifetime of >30,000 hours

    designed for use at home or across the World

    comes with an attractive travel bag

    easy twist and lift operation

    just plug it in and turn it on, no recharging

    Here's what you get with your Travel KosherLamp

    AC/DC Power Adapter:

    Take the Travel KosherLamp anywhere in the world. This Power Adapter has a built-in transformer so it will be safe to use in North America, Europe, Israel and with all electrical voltages across the world

    Plug Adapter:

    This gadget fits on the North American prongs of the AC/DC Power Adapter so the Travel KosherLamp can be used in European and Israeli wall sockets.

    Travel Bag:

    A soft and attractive, black carrying pouch with a draw-string closure. It holds your Travel KosherLamp and all its accessories so you'll have everything you need all in one place.

    There are four different light settings:

    Maximum light to light up the room or for reading, Medium light for quiet contemplation in bed, Low light for use as a night light and No light for sleeping.

    Don't get Lost in the Dark

    Hotel stay? Staying with the family for Yom Tov? Anytime you stay in an unfamiliar room, it's handy at night to have a light so you can navigate your way around the room.

    The Travel KosherLamp's light shines in all directions so you can avoid tripping over your shoes and prevents you from bumping into furniture. Find what you need at night with this 360 degree light.

    And when you want to read, you don't have to be right next to the light. Just pick a comfortable spot and the light will find you. The light from the Travel KosherLamp shines outward in all directions from the center.

    Travel KosherLamp Specs:

    Height when in Closed Position: 4.6"

    Height in Open Position: 7"

    When you are on the go, keep the Travel KosherLamp and its power cord in this handy bag (included). Learn More

  5. Wooden Welcome Sign
  6. Velvet Talis and Tefillin bags -Style 208-MT
  7. Simple Mezuza 12cm
  8. Simple Mezuza 10cm
  9. Simple Mezuza 7cm

    Simple Mezuza 7cm


    Hand written Mezuzah on Parchment. 7 cm tall. Picture for illustration only. Learn More
  10. Honey Dish Nickel Blue/White w Glass Insert

    Honey Dish Nickel Blue/White w Glass Insert


    Honey Dish Nickel Blue/White With Glass Insert 5"H Learn More

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