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Kosher Lamp Mushroom


Control the light on Shabbos, Yom Tov and during the week with a brand new look! Just like the original KosherLamps, you can adjust the light until it's just right.

Just lift or lower the top of the Mushroom (we call it the Mushroom Cap) to hide the light or let it shine.

Taking the Light in New Directions.

The light from the Mushroom KosherLamp shines outward in all directions to light up your room at night. This feature is excellent for sharing the light with others or for helping you navigate your room at night.

Let Mushroom KosherLamp set the mood for your room. Feel the calm and comfort spread out from the light of the Mushroom as you settle down to sleep. A steadfast light shines to let you read in bed before it's time to close your eyes.

Then with a gentle twist, you lower the Mushroom Cap to let only a small amount of light shine. This nightlight lets you see in your room if you need to get up but won't disturb your sleep. For others who prefer not to have light shining while sleeping, they can lower the Mushroom Cap until the light is completely hidden.

With four different light settings to get the light just right, you'll want to use Mushroom KosherLamp every night!

Give Mushroom KosherLamp as a memorable gift that will bring them light every day.

Additional Information

In Store Item # Red KL15, Pink KL17, Blue KL16
Product Dimensions Box Is 10"x10"x9"

Kosher Lamp Mushroom

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