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The Gift of Mikvah - credit card USB- a virtual tour



The Gift of Mikvah: A short inspirational video on the beauty of Taharas Hamishpacha, packaged as a small credit card with built in USB. Perfect for handing out to others with ease.

Produced by Lubavitch of Edgeware, UK

Intimacy is the most private part of a couple's relationship. It's the heartbeat of the marriage, pulsing energy to other parts of their lives.

Integrating Mikvah into one's life hard-wires marriage with a natural system of separation and reunion. We don't need to guess when to pull back; we just need to listen to our body.

Take a moment to watch how Jewish women of today reveal the Gift of Mikvah through personal experience.

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In Store Item # Z235

The Gift of Mikvah - credit card USB-  a virtual tour

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