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Magic Moments 4 Games - ENGLISH



This is how you will strengthen the love and intimacy between you and put the sparkle back in your eyes with an enjoyable game.

and find yourselves talking about the kids?

Are you looking for subjects of conversation that will bring you closer and not really finding them?

Do you feel the same way I do?

In our pressured day-to-day life I'm sure you feel how the routine grinds you down. Both you and your marriage.

Perhaps you do get out once a week, but then automatically talk about the daily routine, work and the kids.

You feel that even if everything is good, it can be much better.

You remember better days and relish the memories.

Perhaps everything is going fine, but still you want to add on to this good and raise the level of intimacy between you but you don't know how to do it?

You need something else, something fresh for your relationship that will make you closer.

This pack is definitely for you!

Games that have been tried and used over a span of years and have received excellent feedback, They are based on experience and treatment techniques from the world of therapy.

Excellent, enjoyable games that will strengthen and deepen your knowledge of each other and improve intimacy and emotional closeness between you.

You will reach depth that you never usually reach, even in serious conversation.

A pack of 4 games to strengthen love and emotional intimacy between you.

It doesn’t matter how old you are

or how many years you have been married.

This is exactly what you need.

No question this is a gift to your relationship

the pack contains 4 different games:

The Life Game

An enjoyable game that includes 88 questions in 8 "Getting to know you well" cards, divided by category. Almost certainly questions you have never before asked each other…and developing this knowledge of your partner and deepening it.

This is different from cards where a person has to say what HE feels/thinks/wants; in this game, you answer in place of the partner, and you bet on the results. This makes for a very special experience...

"Between Us"

A challenging game that will push you to accept things "between us" that don’t actually coincide with what you thought up till now.

It is intended for a time of special openness. Perhaps you will find out surprising things , some of them perhaps less pleasant, but in the end you will be able to develop an advanced conversation that will lead to closeness. You will be able to play it a few times , and repeat the experience when time has gone by so you can talk about what happened during the game. For this purpose I added an accompanying game to this one that will be helpful in getting through positive and negative feelings as they arise.

"More Power to you"

This game will define your holiday/anniversary/couple evening that you organized.

This a game with an actual game board and pieces and 50 game cards. Some are funny and some are challenging. All lead to openness.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How are these cards different? I already have a pack of therapeutic cards.

First of all we are talking about 4 different games , each one a completely different style as has been explained above.

These are not the same as the usual repetitious card games, and actually open up feelings.

In this pack , every gqame has a slightly different purpose and is meant for different times. Some of the games are more challenging. Others are suitable for when you go out or for coffee time, so every couple can find for themselves a game that is suitable in one way or another. In some of the games the questions are actually about the partner, which is a challenge and a point of interest.

In short, these cards are not simply cards

I'm not sure that my husband is going to cooperate….

Neither am I….You can't know for certain, but from my experience, when things happen during a game, the level of openness is different, also for men who have less patience for heart to heart talks also cooperate often.

In most things, when circumstances are different and make opportunity, then the outcome is also different. I advise you to go over the instructions , where it is explained what is a good way to prepare the game and to play also for the advised duration.

So even if it is usually not the case, if you do different activities- like the ones suggested here, there is a good chance that there will be other results.

Are there couples that this is not suitable for?

Couples who do not share one moment of enjoyment together will not be able to enjoy this pack either. They need therapy sessions or marital counselling

This pack is meant for you. You who know how to sometimes find relaxed times that you enjoy, even if there are difficulties at other times

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Magic Moments 4 Games - ENGLISH

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