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Laylas Vistaville



Dear Diary, Well, I’m on the plane. I don’t want to be on the plane, but I, Layla Adler, am on the plane. You probably want to know where I’m going, right? It’s a town called Vistaville. My mom says I have a bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles there. And it’s time for me to get to know them. Layla’s summer is not going the way she wanted. Instead of staying home and going to the pool, she’s stuck in boring, rainy Vistaville. But when she hears of her great great-grandfather’s secret treasure—hidden somewhere in Great-Aunt Rivka’s massive old house—she plays detective. Will Layla find the Alter Zaidy’s treasure before she returns home? This upbeat adventure by Faygie Holt, author of the wildly popular Achdus Club series, is sure to entertain. Join Layla and her cousins on an incredible visit to Vistaville—where the fun never ends, and the surprises never stop.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BTP362
MSRP $12.99
Author Faygie Holt
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 88
ISBN-13 9781614659716
Publisher Menucha Publishers
Published Nov 21, 2018
Product Dimensions 5.5"x8.5"

Laylas Vistaville

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