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Leather Talis or/and Tefillin Bag(s) Style 370 BR


Leather Talis and/or Tefillin Bag Style 370 BR


1. Tefillin Bag

2. BMX size tefillin bag (10" by 10" , includes strap)

3. Rashi and Rabbainu Tam Tefillin Bags (for two pairs of Tefillin)

4. Double Tefillin Bag (to Hold Rashi and Rabbainu Tam Bags)

5. Large Talis Bag. Big enough for a Talis and one Pair of Tefillin.

6. Large Talis Bag Set. One Large Talis bag and One Tefillin Bag

7. XL talis Bag. Big enough for a tallit and two Pairs of Tefillin

8. XL Talis Bag Set. One XL talis bag and Rashi and Rabbainu Tam bags

9. Chabad Bar Mitzvah Set. Double Tefillin Bag and Rashi/ Rabbainu Tam Bags

After you choose the bag you will be given an option to personalize it. Takes 1- 2 weeks to ship.

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$80.00 - $312.00

Leather Talis or/and Tefillin Bag(s) Style 370 BR

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