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  1. Asara Minei Neginah CD עשרה מיני נגינה

    Asara Minei Neginah CD עשרה מיני נגינה



    הריני מקשר










    הללויה Learn More

  2. The Great Farby CD

    The Great Farby CD


    THE GREAT FARBY is an upbeat, non-stop dance album that will be the perfect soundtrack for your Chanukah party! It features over 15 of the best singers in Jewish music including 8th Day, Benny Friedman, Beri Weber, Eli Marcus, Shmueli Ungar, Yanky Lemmer, Yoni Z and more...

    Songs: 01 Choices - Yoni Z, 02 Joyful Prayer - Avi Piamenta, 03 Rambam - Chony Zucker, 04 Dira BeCalypso - 8th Day, 05 Farbrengen - Isaac Bitton, 06 Johnny Johnny - Rogers Park, 07 It's Late - Benny Friedman, Beri Weber, 08 Pride - Nemouel Harroch, Shmueli Ungar, 09 Defiance - Shmueli Ungar, 10 Generation 7 - Eli Marcus, 11 Want You - Benny Friedman, 12 Miss You - Chony Milecki, 13 Nisht Nispoel - Reb Mendel Marozov A'H, 14 Chasid Sfaradi - Shuky Sadon, 15 Geula Yearnings - Yanky Lemmer, 16 Bring it Home - Eli Marcus, Shmueli Ungar. Learn More

  3. Sabotage סאבאטאזש DVD

    Sabotage סאבאטאזש DVD


    Sabotage סאבאטאזש DVD Learn More
  4. Uncle Moishy's World DVD

    Uncle Moishy's World DVD


    Uncle Moishy reminds us, with the help of his animal friends just how fun and lesson-filled our own world can be. Get the entire family spellbound with over an hour of quality entertainment. His friends include:

    Kalman the Careful Cow always thinks twice! He ponders every action and consequence before making a moooooove.

    Giddy the Giving Goat always has something to share. When it comes to generosity, Giddy simply cannot be beat!

    Shalom the Shy Sheep lives a modest life. He may be the quiet type, but his kind actions speak louder than words!

    Dani the Dancing Deer has a strong circle of friends. Always with a smile, he’s happy to see those he holds deer. Learn More

  5. Homemakers DVD

    Homemakers DVD


    For Women & Girls Only

    Follow Chana Ruchy‛s adventures as she tries to solve each problem that comes her way. Her journey will make you laugh until the very end.

    Also featuring a music-video, Song of Hope, sung by Miri Soloveitchik.

    Cast: Malky Knopfler, Zissy Rosenberg, Chaya Adams, Gila Silber, Mindy Ratner, Tzippy Weisz Learn More

  6. Simcha Dancing DVD

    Simcha Dancing DVD


    Simcha Dancing DVD Learn More
  7. Peduscho Redemption CD פדותך

    Peduscho Redemption CD פדותך


    World renowned composer and singer Rabbi Baruch Levine is back with his producer extraordinaire Yochi Briskman to bring you the best gift this Chanukah. Its Baruch‘s sixth studio album title “PEDUSCHA.” The album features some of the most diverse hits composed by the prolific composer, singer, arranger and Rebbe, R’ Baruch Levine. IF you loved Baruch’s “Touched By A Niggun” album, then you will love this album. It features not one, but FOUR amazing English songs. Not only does “PEDUSCHO” feature the amazing vocal prowess we have come to expect from Baruch, but this new album also features special guests Simcha Leiner, Benny Friedman and Eli Schwebel.

    12 Tracks Learn More

  8. Mali #3 DVD

    Mali #3 DVD


    Mali 3 - She's unusual. She's unpredictable. And her daughter loves her that way.

    Mali 3 - She's Mine A heartwarming dramedy with a powerful message.

    A Malky Weingarten Production - For Woman Only

    Mali (Mimi Friedman/Lerner) has a daughter!
    Although Mali has Aspergers, and seems strange to some, Rosi (Esty Gross) loves her mother and would never exchange her for another.
    But a self-righteous neighbor (Sara Rosenbaum) decides Mali isnt fit to raise Rosi, and conspires to have her daughter taken away from her.
    What she didnt realize was that she was messing with Rosi's "grandmother", Mrs Tweezers (Malky Knopfler), who wasnt going to let her get away with it!
    Laugh, cry, and get touched by this NEW imaginative adventure by Malky Weingarten.

    She's Mine A heartwarming dramedy with a powerful message

    2 full hours of showtime!!

    plus 30 minutes of special features:
    Behind the scenes
    Audition reels Learn More

  9. Itzikel #2, A Tale of Emunah, Courage and Wit, The pulse pounding sequel CD

    Itzikel #2, A Tale of Emunah, Courage and Wit, The pulse pounding sequel CD


    In Itzikel 1 we learned that Itzikel is a young genius who was accepted to the Volozhiner Yeshiva at the tender age of ten. After two years at the famous Yeshiva, Itzikel is forcibly inducted into the Russian army. He uses all of his faith and wit to stay true to Hashem, and is saved from a jealous plotting foe, Kristof, in miraculous fashion. Itzikel 2 opens in Kristof's jail cell the night before his execution. Itzikel's brilliance and leadership abilities are recognized by the General of the Russian Army, and Itzikel gets a big promotion. But all he ever wants is to return to his beloved Volozhiner Yeshiva. Follow Itzikel on every hairpin twist as his rock solid faith is rewarded. Laugh at Itzikel's wit and experience his deep yearning for Torah and Mitzvos. Get caught up in this gripping and entertaining tale. An amazing story you will want to hear again and again. Learn More
  10. Zusman DVD, A Live Dramatic Stage Performance

    Zusman DVD, A Live Dramatic Stage Performance


    Zusman DVD, A Live Dramatic Stage Performance Learn More

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