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  1. A Cappella Soul #4 CD

    A Cappella Soul #4 CD



    1 - Ivri Anochi (3:58)

    2 - Ve'ahavta (4:09)

    3 - Katonti (4:09)

    4 - Mamin Benisim (3:51)

    5 - Ani Mamin (5:42)

    6 - Schar Mitzvah (3:40)

    7 - Chaim Shel Shalom (5:08)

    8 - Rabi Shimon (4:53)

    9 - Bo'ee (4:32)

    10 - Am Yisrael Chai (4:40)

    11 - Hineni Byadcha (6:03) Learn More

  2. The Edge DVD

    The Edge DVD


    Keith, a champion windsurfer, comes to Israel to race in an international windsurfing competition. After a near-fatal, yet life-transforming accident, he decides to turn his life around. But a dark secret from his past threatens to completely destroy him. Follow Keith through this action-packed drama, based on the best-selling novel by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. "The Edge" will keep you on "the edge" of your seat!

    Bonus content: Behind the Scenes Interviews, Trailer and more

    Recommended Viewership: 14+ Learn More

  3. Mysteria Yiddish DVD - מיסטעריע

    Mysteria Yiddish DVD - מיסטעריע


    The close to 10,000 viewers RAVED enthusiastically about the meaningful, MASTERFUL, dramatic, ACTION PACKED THRILLER, with the "Mysteria Play", which was performed on Sukkos 2016 in the landmark "kings Theater" BY the Talented “Imgloiblich” Staff from “Epic Shpiel Production”.

    Now YOU TOO can enjoy a front row seat view of the Mysteria Play with the professional DVD.

    BONUS: for the first time in yiddish plays an IN-DEPTH COMMENTARY of the play by the producers, get a real inside look how a play comes about from thought to stage. Enjoy. Learn More

  4. Jinji DVD, For Women & Girls

    Jinji DVD, For Women & Girls


    Jinji. Light- hearted and upbeat, this classic tale of good triumphing over evil is bursting with joyous musical numbers and characters you will love - or love to despise! Yet ,underlying this simplistic story line, is a message that resonates with us as believing Jews; the faith that the future holds a promise of better days and happy endings, and that it only takes a moment for one's life to turn around. Learn More
  5. The Mask She Wears Double DVD

    The Mask She Wears Double DVD


    Show is intended for MARRIED WOMEN* due to sensitive subject matter;

    under the rabbinical guidance of R' Zev Leff, R' Dovid Orlofsky and others.

    *Not appropriate for unmarried women under age 25.

    The Mask She Wears is a contemporary musical drama about the lives of three young women, each dealing with a different nisayon - that her friends don't necessarily know about. As each woman is propelled towards the resolution of her own conflict, she also inadvertently ends up stepping on her friends’ toes. This powerful and groundbreaking show is intended to raise sensitivity as well as to increase awareness, because we never really know what the people around us are dealing with. Discretion is advised as delicate subjects such as infertility and shalom bayis issues are portrayed.

    Feedback from our audiences:

    "It was really powerful..." "I was riveted the whole time." "You really struck a deep chord in me..." "The way you dealt with such difficult topics was so sensitive and honest..." "There were so many amazing, poignant moments..." "SO REAL..." "You gave a lot of people food for thought...It was incredible." Learn More

  6. Mali #2, People Like Her DVD

    Mali #2, People Like Her DVD


    Mali #2, People Like Her DVD


  7. Lchaim, Gad Elbaz CD

    Lchaim, Gad Elbaz CD



    1 - When I Fall (3:35)

    2 - My Child (4:04)

    3 - Hashem Melech #2.0 (feat. Nissim Black) (4:32)

    4 - Como Vivir (3:46)

    5 - Give Ya Me Thanks (feat. Roy Edri) (3:36)

    6 - Save Me from My Selfie (3:36)

    7 - L'chaim (feat. Nissim Black) (3:30)

    8 - If Only (4:22)

    9 - Till the Day I Die (3:22)

    10 - True Love (feat. Alon De Loco) (3:42)

    11 - Hava Nagila (3:55)

    12 - Olele (3:39)

    13 - In the Beginning (3:28)

    14 - Open Up (4:04)

    15 - Ochi Chorne (feat. Avi Benjamin) (4:17)

    16 - On & On (3:52) Learn More



    Regular Price: $14.50

    Special Price: $9.95

  9. 8th Day - Slow Down CD

    8th Day - Slow Down CD




    1 - Kapayim (4:05)

    2 - Moses In Me (3:57)

    3 - One Of A Kind (3:21)

    4 - Slow Down (3:16)

    5 - Torah (4:35)

    6 - Don't Shy Away (3:35)

    7 - Everything Is You (3:17)

    8 - A Better Me (3:07)

    9 - Shvitz (4:29)

    10 - Rak Smachot (3:10)

    8th Day, the band that has produced hits like Hooleh, Celebrate, Cheery Bim, and of course Ya'alili, are back with their latest endeavor: "Slow Down". The most original and innovative group in Jewish music today now releasing their seventh studio album; and in the band's opinion it is their most ambitious record to date. According to Bentzi and Shmuel Marcus of 8th Day this is the longest consistent period of time they spent writing and producing an album.

    With 8th Day's usual eclectic and melodic flavors, these songs are an exciting collection of soulful-fun-thought provoking-dancing inducing-catchy tunes, that all can enjoy. Get ready to "Slow Down" into some timeless messages and a musical journey in the way that only 8th Day can deliver! Learn More

  10. Project Relax Again CD

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