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  1. Merakeid, Simcha Leiner CD מרקד

    Merakeid, Simcha Leiner CD מרקד


    10 Tracks

    After a non stop 2 years of world tours and performances, Simcha Leiner is back with his third solo album 'Meraked' produced by Yochi Briskman. Featuring an amazing array of composers and arrangers - Merakeid is bound to become your new favorite album! Learn More

  2. Trust Me DVD, 2 Girls Pursued By a Criminal... & by their Own Past

    Trust Me DVD, 2 Girls Pursued By a Criminal... & by their Own Past


    2 Girls Pursued By a Criminal... & by their Own Past Learn More
  3. The Twins From France Back To China (#6) DVD

    The Twins From France Back To China (#6) DVD


    The Twins From France Back To China (#6) DVD Learn More
  4. Baruch Learns About Chanukah CD

    Baruch Learns About Chanukah CD


    The Kunda family present us once again with another exciting, heartwarming, educational and unforgettable production. Get ready as Boruch and his friends walk us through the story, halachos, and minhagim of Chanukah by way of whimsical rhymes, witty dialogue and mindblowing songs. With this, their fifth collaboration with talented producer and noted mechanech R' Shimmy Shtauber, the Kundas prove once again that their father R' Shmuel a"h's legacy lives on as strong as ever. Produced along with a team of amazing talent absolutely dedicated to R' Shmuel Kunda's beloved style and art, you and your family will undoubtedly feel as if you are back in the 90's listening to an authentic Kunda classic! Enjoy

    and a freilichen Chanukah!​ Learn More

  5. Yaaleh CD

    Yaaleh CD



    1 - Yaaleh (4:00)

    2 - Bench (4:03)

    3 - Mishkan Shalom (4:17)

    4 - Amar Loi (3:52)

    5 - Todah (4:02)

    6 - Magen Avos (2:24)

    7 - Ani Hashem (4:02)

    8 - Kah Keli (5:26)

    9 - Brachos (4:10)

    10 - Vsechzena (3:00)

    11 - Light Up (3:51)

    12 - Tinatzel (4:58)

    13 - Magen Avos Piano (2:24) Learn More

  6. A Pure Head Start CD

    A Pure Head Start CD


    Prduced and directed by Morah Sheyna Elka Marozov, a certified preschool teacher for over twelve years BH. Sung by talented boys, Mendy and Pinny Bluming. Songs that encourage children to love Hashem and the Torah while learning the creative curriculum. Enrich your children with a head start as they embark on accomplishing their mission in Hashem's world.Fill your child with warmth and excitement in serving Hashem. Give your preschool students or children at home the gift of pure education: chinuch al taharas hakodesh! These songs are perfect for homes, play groups, preschool, Head Start, Pre-1A and first grade. Program: Songs about Bus Safety, Welcome, Fall, Family, Body Parts, Safety, Winter, Fire Safety, Healthy Eating, Community Helpers, Community Places, Spring, Planting, Feelings and Summer. Learn More
  7. Storm The World CD

    Storm The World CD


    14 Tracks


    מיט א שטורעם

    For more than two decades, Rabbi Ruvi New dreamed of a musical odyssey with a greater meaning, one that would perpetuate the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to listeners far and wide through song.

    After the Rebbe’s passing in 1994, Rabbi New, currently the Chabad shaliach to East Boca Raton, began writing lyrics that carried the Rebbe’s message, with a goal of sharing those spiritually meaningful words with a global audience.

    “It was partially a cathartic process when I started but I was also thinking that this could be a way to share the Rebbe’s life with the world,” explained Rabbi New. “There is a vast amount of the Rebbe’s teachings and Torah in printed materials and video, but using music as a teaching tool is something different and unique.”

    Working with multiple composers, Rabbi New eventually found himself with more than 20 original songs, most of which mixed English lyrics with Chabad themes. He began performing a self titled Musical Tribute to the Rebbe at Chabad houses throughout North America and Australia and soon found himself inundated with requests for recordings of his songs.

    And with that, Storm the World , an all new album featuring 12 original compositions, was born. Teaming up with Bentzi Marcus of 8th Day as producer of the album, the two created a project that will touch the hearts of Jewish music lovers of all stripes. With an impressive selection of musical styles ranging from heartfelt to contemporary, and timeless lyrics with universal appeal, Storm the World includes compositions by Marcus, Yossi Green, Larry Gates, Chanale Fellig-Harrel and Asher Essebag. Also joining Rabbi New on his musical journey are vocalists Yossi Green, Bentzi Marcus, Eli Marcus and several exciting surprise guests.

    Marcus said that he is confident that Storm the World will inspire and uplift listeners’ minds and souls, and that he was grateful for the opportunity to work with Rabbi New.

    “Growing up in a Chabad home and having had the chance to meet the Rebbe and experience the Rebbe’s farbrengens in 770, the songs’ messages immediately resonated with me and the chance to help spread these beautiful inspirations with a musical production was something I couldn’t pass up,” said Marcus.

    Learn More
  8. New York Boys Choir - Menagen CD

    New York Boys Choir - Menagen CD



    1 - Menagen (2:53)

    2 - Es Ereh (5:52)

    3 - B’toch Haketzev (4:30)

    4 - Hanitzachon (3:33)

    5 - Acheinu (6:20)

    6 - Susumin (3:12)

    7 - Ah Ah (3:40)

    8 - B’ahava (3:16)

    9 - V’hu Keli (5:33)

    10 - V’atah Kadosh (3:22)

    11 - Nu Nu Nu (3:14)

    12 - Yachad (4:09)

    13 - Nes Gadol (3:58)

    14 - Marbim B’simcha (3:01)

    15 - Light Up (4:06)

    16 - V’nahafoch Hu (4:04) Learn More

  9. Mona #7, Hakol Letova CD

    Mona #7, Hakol Letova CD



    1 - Hakol Letova (4:46)

    2 - U'teshuvah (6:16)

    3 - Bechayechoin (4:29)

    4 - Da Lifnei Mi (3:47)

    5 - Chusha (4:51)

    6 - Eileh Berechev (4:06)

    7 - Mi Adir (5:01)

    8 - Hora Besimcha (4:54)

    9 - V'aryeh Im Yishag (4:02)

    10 - shehaneshomo Shebimoichy (6:03)

    11 - Hisna'ari (4:38)

    12 - Lehodia (4:40)

    13 - Ze He Hasimcha Hachi Shleima (7:15)

    14 - Lilmoid Torah (3:56)

    15 - Pniya Ishis M'Mona (1:04) Learn More

  10. Mordechai Shapiro #2 Machar CD

    Mordechai Shapiro #2 Machar CD



    1 - Machar (4:15)

    2 - Lecha (3:49)

    3 - Mi Adir (6:09)

    4 - Kulam (4:16)

    5 - Home (5:34)

    6 - Li (3:56)

    7 - Smile (4:01)

    8 - Hashem Melech (4:49)

    9 - Nigun Simchas (5:40)

    10 - Chasdei Hashem (4:59)

    11 - Brachos (4:11) Learn More

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