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A Kumzitz In The Rain #3 CD



We are excited to announce the release of "A Kumzitz In The Rain 3" for sefira & the 3 weeks. Now on their third album, AKITR raises the stakes once again to elevate its already familiar sound by exclusively highlighting the original compositions of one of the greatest Jewish composers of our time: Abie Rotenberg . Once again, the group is focused on delivering pure and catchy sing-along kumzitz songs with no electronic or synthesized sounds. Each song on the album captures the emotion and tone instilled by Abie himself and envelops the vocals with the youthful tones of its newly introduced “junior” members. 

The sounds play against each other like streaks of light, refracted through the rich foundations of its effortless and familiar harmonies. With each track carefully curated by the skilled producer and arranger, Doni Gross, each Abie song is delivered with charm, grace, and "sing-ability" that will leave you singing along without even realizing it. "A Kumzitz in the Rain 3- Junior” promises to be a perfect blend of soothing and sentimental, relaxing the mind into a state of inspired listening. 

With guest appearances by Rivie Schwebel, Shlomo Simcha, Tzvi Silberstein & Abie himself, the album truly conveys Abie’s niggunim with a purity that will change the way you experience your day. 

Sample Tracks:

Sampler track

1 - Shalom Rav (4:14)

2 - Ani Maamin (4:58)

3 - Habeit (5:45)

4 - Chupa Medley (4:55)

5 - Mama Rochel (7:25)

6 - Modeh Ani (4:55)

7 - Habein Yakir (4:48)

8 - Kol Berama (4:19)

9 - V'lirushalayim (5:05)

10 - Hamalach (4:28)

11 - Acheinu (4:57)

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2789CD
Artist Doni Gross Presents

A Kumzitz In The Rain #3 CD

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