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  1. Hanigunim, The Rebbeim's Seder Nigunim CD הניגונים כפי הסדר שהנהיג הרבי מליובאוויטש

    Hanigunim, The Rebbeim's Seder Nigunim CD הניגונים כפי הסדר שהנהיג הרבי מליובאוויטש


    A all star album of Nigunim, The album features the vocals of Avraham Fried, Yoni Shlomo, Eli Marcus, Simche Friedman, Berel Tzuker, Shmil, Shir V'Shevach Boys Choir and Yedidim Choir, performing Chabad nigunim. The album is arranged by Moshe Laufer, produced by Levik T and mixed by Eli Klein.

    11 Tracks Learn More

  2. Inspired by Heaven

    Inspired by Heaven

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price: $5.00

  3. Hisgalus CD

    Hisgalus CD



    1 - Odecho (3:36)

    2 - Kol Dodi (7:25)

    3 - Shehasholom Shelo (4:45)

    4 - Yismechu Bemalchuscha (5:11)

    5 - Machroizes 11 Nissan (5:13)

    6 - Nigun Reb Sholom Charitonov (4:22)

    7 - Vayivchar Duvid (4:53)

    8 - Nigun L'shabbos V'yom tov (4:50)

    9 - Nigun Harebbi (7:19)

    10 - Ashreinu (5:07) Learn More

  4. Worlds of Love CD

    Worlds of Love CD


    1 Lchatchila Ariber 3:42

    2 Nigun for Shabbat 4:08

    3 Essen Est Zich 5:02

    4 Therazin 4:47

    5 Wind Dance 4:26

    6 Tzomo Lcho Nafshi 6:08

    7 Nigun for Shabbat and Yom Tov 4:41

    8 Sea of Stars 5:00

    9 Nigun Hychono 3:40

    10 Worlds of Love 4:02 Learn More

  5. Yom Tov Farbrengen CD

    Yom Tov Farbrengen CD



    1. SHOLOSH T’NUOS — The Baal Shem Tov, Mezritcher Maggid, Alter Rebbe

    2. KELI ATOH — The Alter Rebbe

    3. KAPELYE — The Mitteler Rebbe

    4. Y’MIN HASHEM — The Tzemach Tzedek

    5. L’CHATCHILA ARIBER — The Rebbe Maharash

    6. NIGGUN HACHONO — The Rebbe Rashab

    7. BEINUNI — The Frierdiker Rebbe

    8. ATOH V’CHARTONU — The Rebbe

    9. NIGGUN DALED BOVOS — The Alter Rebbe

    10. NYE ZHERITZI CHLOPTZI — Traditional Chassidic Learn More

  6. Moleh Simcha - מלא שמחה CD

    Moleh Simcha - מלא שמחה CD


    Producer/arranger/composer Naftali Schnitzler has left his mark on Jewish music with such albums as Shimmy Engel, Yoely Greenfeld, Shauly Waldner, Lipa and Tzali Gold.

    Naftali recruited only the best wedding singers in the United States to perform on this album. The list includes Rabbi Shloime Taussig, Tzali Gold, Yissachar Gutman, Shimmy Engel, Yoel Klein, Aharele Samet and Menachem Moskowitz. The album features the best contemporary Hasidic hits which will help you bring in simcha.The album also features adult and kids choir by the talented Moshy Kraus.

    32 Tracks Learn More

  7. Chabad with Moshe Laufer – #3 CD

    Chabad with Moshe Laufer – #3 CD


    A magnificent prelude, a group of singing Chassidim, sweeping rhythm, and sounds that beckon you to break out in dance. Thus begins the third album in the “Chabad with Moshe Laufer – Volume 3″ series.

    Four years after the first album in the series was published, Moshe Laufer – a great arranger, and producer Levik T. have done it again. They present a high quality album, full of superb Chabad Nigunim. More touching, more stirring, and more joyful; it outshines the earlier albums in the series.

    The album features leading Chasidic singing stars – Shlomo Cohen, Mendy Jerufi, Yoni Shlomo, Eli Marcus, Tzudik Greenwald, Simche Friedman, alongside Eli Laufer‘s choir, popular Shira choir and an expanded children’s choir. Dozens of sounds, dozens of instruments; with mixing by the “sound legend” Eli Lishinsky.

    The first two albums in the series made musical history; they sold tens of thousands, and have become a must in every Jewish home. Some of these nigunim became hits at weddings. Once again, the album producers selected exciting and emotional melodies that stimulate the mind, and musical artist Moshe Laufer added subtle new hues

    11 Tracks Learn More

  8. Ben Melech CD

    Ben Melech CD


    Ben Melech CD

    Ben Melech is masterfully produced by Beri’s longtime producer and friend Naftali Schnitzler who as Yossi Green says is a genius in the studio and always does the unexpected. The long awaited album features the best in the biz composers like; Pinky Weber, Lipa, Eli Schwab, Chaim Blumenfeld, David Kaufman and Beri himself. The music and choirs were created by Naftali Schnitzler, Chesky Breuer, Ruli Ezrachi and Moishie Krausz (MK.)

    The album features 10 stunning tracks PLUS a bonus track of Beri singing the hit song “V’afili B’hastara” as a duet with Yoily Klein. Learn More

  9. Dance with Mezamrim Double CD

    Dance with Mezamrim Double CD


    Dance with Mezamrim Double CD

    43 Tracks:

    Nigun Mandelbaum

    Mi Adir


    Mi Bon Siach

    Im Eshkocheich

    Od Yishoma



    Ahallelah 1

    Ahallelah 2

    Omar Lahem

    Nigun Atik


    Modeh Ani

    Maareh Cohen

    Yomim Al Yemei

    Hoaderes Vehaemunah


    Nodeh Leshimcha

    Gedolah Torah

    Teranenah Sefosai




    Ana Avda

    Tov Hashem

    Kah Echsof


    Nigun Chabad

    Yom Tov in der Vochen

    Keitzad Merakdim


    MiPi Keil

    Lemaan Daas

    Orech Yomim

    Ufros Aleinu

    Veharvach Lanu

    Al Tira

    Rochel Mevakeh

    Veyitein Lecha Banim

    Ma Shehaya

    Mi Yaale

    Im Lo Aaleh Learn More

  10. Chasidishe Chalomos #6 CD

    Chasidishe Chalomos #6 CD


    Chasidishe Chalomos #6 CD

    ABOUT VOLUME 6: Being the Dor Hashvii, we are standing on the threshold of Geula. For over 40 years the Rebbe infused his Chassidim with chayos and energy, directing us to be strong soldiers, ready to stand at the forefront of the Geulah. Now more than ever, we have the duty and obligation to pass on these Mamorim, Sichos and Horaos the Rebbe left us to our children.

    Chassidishe Chalomos Vol. 6 is entitled “Basi Legani”. Being the First Mamar said when becoming the Nasi, the Rebbe empowered his Chassidim by saying, we are the Dor Hashivi. We are the generation that will witness the end of galus and be the first generation to have the Geulah. It is with the Koach of the past 6 generations of our Rebbeim and their chassidim that we now have the power to bring the world to its final destination - the coming of Moshiach.

    Chassidishe Chalomos Vol. 6 Cd allows the children to learn the first paragraph of Basi Legani by heart to the tunes of niggunim, accompanied with chassidishe stories and heartfelt songs about the Rebbe- infusing them with true hiskashrus .

    As the Rebbe concluded in the Mamar Basi Legani, with the hope of being united with the Freirdiker Rebbe, we too should merit to be reunited with our Rebbe, here in a Guf, and he will redeem us, with our precious children the Rebbe’s soldiers in the lead.

    For Girls Of All Ages, & Boys Under Age 9.

    25 Tracks Learn More

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