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Am Yisroel CD



Am Yisroel CD

Produced, conducted and composed by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer, “Am Yisroel,” is the fifth album of the Shira Chadasha Boys Choir. If the last album was called The Torah Album, I would call this The Achdus Album since the title track Am Yisroel (which is sung both in English and Hebrew) is all about Klal Yisroel and Achdus. Another song on the album is Avi, Avi, which was written by the wife of a talmid of the Rosh Yeshiva. The Rosh Yeshiva possessed the unique ability to unite everyone he met with his smile, warmth and special brand of kindness. He served as an anchor for Klal Yisroel and brought tremendous Achdus to thousands. Both this song and the DVD, are tributes to him and how he lived his life.

There is an additional aspect to the album and that is the fact that quite a few of the songs are Shabbos related. There is a brand new Menucha V’simcha. Gam Ki Eilech, Yishoriru and Kel Adon are all Shabbos songs.


1. Am Yisroel

2. Kel Adon

3. Henay

4. Yiboneh

5. Menucha

6. Gam Ki Eilech

7. Avi Avi

8. Yishoriru

9. Chasal

10. Vhi Sheumda

11. Zochreinu

12. Am Yisroel English

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2555CD
Artist Shira Chadasha Boys Choir

Am Yisroel CD

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