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Believer C.D.



Believer C.D.

If you are looking for something with more depth and creativity than the usual too-easy-to-digest, too-hard-to-stomach music that attacks us from all angles, this album is highly recommended. Songs like The City Streets Will Fill and Ani Ma'amin introduce us to Chanale's skills as a composer and songwriter. The song Shabbos Queen, is guaranteed to be a favorite, and like the other tracks on the album suprises and satisfies.

Track Listing

1 Shabbos Queen

2 Ani Ma'amin

3 Al Tira

4 The City Streets Will Fill

5 Ma Rabu

6 Believer

7 V'Chulom M'kablim

8 Special Child

Additional Information

In Store Item # T1128CD
Artist Chanale Fellig
MSRP $19.99

Believer C.D.

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