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Mapping the Tanya 3-CD Set



The 3-CD set contains 3 hours of a Tanya overview presented by Rabbi Shais Taub, creator the Tanya Map for Kehot Publishing and the acclaimed Soul Maps course for JLI. Taub is known for giving a specialized overview of Tanya for experts and beginners alike and has presented the 3-hour Tanya seminar in cities around the world from Jerusalem to LA, Manchester to Melbourne.

In his presentation, Taub takes the student through the flow of the 53 chapters showing them how the Alter Rebbe is "actually speaking to you in yechidus right now, telling you everything you need to know at this step in your growth."

The CD set, however, is the first time the presentation has been made available for the general public to listen to in the comfort of their own homes.

"Tanya is the basis for everything," says Taub. "When your knowledge of Tanya is solid, then whole worlds open up for you. That is what I am trying, in my own way, to give to everyone who wants it."

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In Store Item # T2593CD
Artist Shais Taub
Language English

Mapping the Tanya 3-CD Set

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