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Matana LeChassena (A Wedding Gift) CD



Matana LeChassena (A Wedding Gift) from Ruvi Banet, 26 popular songs sung by weddings.


1. Hallelu

2. Zoche

3. Im Ein Ani li

4. Im Ein

5. Ki Hirbeis

6. Harachaman

7. Leavdecha

8. Mi Komocha

9. Na Hakem

10. Chabad

11. Chabad

12. Chabad

13. Chabad

14. Chabad

15. Ki Heim Chayenu

16. Chazzak

17. Hashem Haalit

18. Ani Maamin

19. Ammi

20. Adon Olam

21. Ko Amar

22. Malchuscha

23. Someday (B'ivrit)

24. Just One Shabbos (B'ivrit)

25. Jerusalem is Not For Sale (B'ivrit)

26. Yidden (B'ivrit)

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2552CD
Artist Lipa, Shloime Taussig, Various, Yumi Lowy, Yishai Lapidot, Yoely Greenfeld

Matana LeChassena (A Wedding Gift) CD

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