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Non-Stop Chabad #2, Soft & Easy CD



Non-Stop Chabad #2, Soft & Easy CD

Evocative and contemplative Niggunim presented as never before. Over 75-minutes of classic Chabad Nigunim featuring other-worldly flutes and wind instruments that ignite and inspire.


1. Niggun LeShabbos VeYom Tov

2. Niggun Yud Beis Tammuz

3. Anim Zemiros

4. Ach Leilokim

5. Adon Haselichos

6. Becha Botchu

7. Essen Est Zich

8. HoAderes

9. Hordishtisher Niggun

10. Niggun LeShabbos VeYom Tov II

11. Niggun Dveykus

12. Niggun LeShabbos VeYom Tov III

13. Keli Atoh

14. Kol Bayar

15. Niggun Hisvaadus

16. Niggun LeShabbos VeYom Tov IV

17. Niggun Hisvaadus II

18. Niggun LeShabbos VeYom Tov V

19. Ovinu Malkeinu

20. Lechatchila Ariber

21. Niggun Meyuchos

22. Niggun Rostov

23. Yaaleh

24. Atem Sholom

25. Tzomo Lecho

26. Niggun Nikolayev

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2559CD
Artist Zalman Goldstein

Non-Stop Chabad #2, Soft & Easy CD

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