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Od Yosef Chai Yiddish Collection CD



This fully restored CD includes Yossele's most beautiful Yiddish songs. This incredible collection of classic Yossele recordings will leave you speechless, taking you back to the long forgotten shtetl.

Hear the singing of 'Kaddish' at the yartzheit licht, stand by the baby's cradle and listen to the heartwarming 'lullaby', cry along with the heart piercing 'Yiddishe Mama' and listen to the joyous singing about the great feast when moshiach will come, may it be speedily in our days. This collection is sure to be an experience like no other!


1 - Lomir Zich Iberbeiten (3:53)

2 - Tzion Tzion (3:56)

3 - A Yiddishe Mame (3:31)

4 - Keili Keili (4:14)

5 - Der Pastuchel (4:13)

6 - Rachem (4:35)

7 - Aheim Aheim (4:14)

8 - Teibeleh (2:56)

9 - Shofar Shel Moshiach (3:19)

10 - Di Nevia (2:52)

11 - Kaddish (4:31)

12 - Shlof Mein Ziser (3:00)

13 - Tanchum (4:17)

14 - Zog Zhe Rebenue (4:38)

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2812CD
Artist Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt
Language Yiddish

Od Yosef Chai Yiddish Collection CD

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