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Passover Seder Sing-A-Long C.D.



Passover Seder Sing-A-Long C.D.

FEATURES: • The Most Popluar Songs For The Whole Family

• Accompanied By Children's Chorus And Orchestra

• Educational And Entertaining

20 Tracks


1. Kadeish Urchatz

2. Kiddush

3. Ma Nishtanah

4. Avadim Hayeenu

5. Baruch Hamakom

6. V'hee Sheamda

7. Ten Plagues (Eser Makot)

8. Dayeinu

9. V'normar L'fanav

10. Hal'lukah

11. Grace After Meal Highlights

12. Eliyahu Hanavi

13. Kol Rina and Pit

Additional Information

In Store Item # T381CD
Artist Paul Zim
MSRP $19.99

Passover Seder Sing-A-Long C.D.

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