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Ten Lanu Chaim CD



Chaim Dovid Berson's debut album! Produced by Sruly Meyer, this album features 11 incredible songs which showcase a wide range of musical styles. It includes upbeat, contemporary songs to slow hartziga ballads. Chaim Dovid's powerful and melodious voice brings a special warmth and depth to each different style of song.

Chaim Dovid was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. After establishing himself as sought-after chazzan and singer, he moved to the US to serve as the Chief Chazzan of the Jewish Center of Manhattan.

Chaim Dovid’s commanding performances continue to inspire audiences at concerts and weddings, where he is joined by many of today's top artists and bands.

Ten Lanu Chaim, includes Songs composed by Yoeli Dickman, Elimelech Blumstein, Yitzy Waldner, Mordechai Brazel, Pinky Weber, Eli Klein, Chaim Dovid Berson, Udi Damari and Hershey Weinberger.

Songs arranged by Yoeli Dickman, Ian Freitor, Daniel Kaplar, Tzvi Blumenfeld, Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry, Naftali Schnitzler and Udi Damari.


1 - Geulah Rock (3:56)

2 - Ten Lanu Chaim (4:39)

3 - Lama (5:32)

4 - Kulanu Nezamer (4:04)

5 - Simchas Olam (4:21)

6 - Im Eshkochech (5:14)

7 - Yesh Li Chalom (4:02)

8 - Neranena (3:52)

9 - Boee Kallah (5:08)

10 - Ki Chol Peh (3:59)

11 - Echod Hashem (3:45)

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In Store Item # T2853CD
Artist Chaim Duvid Berson

Ten Lanu Chaim CD

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